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2013 NFL Free Agency: Derek Landri can replace Roy Miller

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The Buccaneers signed Derek Landri yesterday, but we weren't really clear on what his role will be with the Buccaneers. Is he here to be a backup at three-technique, or to replace Roy Miller? Here's what Jason from Bleeding Green Nation had to say about Landri.

He's an interesting guy. Came here two years ago and really had a great season. He's not an every down guy, more of a situational penetrator type. He thought that his strong 2011 would get him a long term deal, but there was basically no interest in him so he came to the Eagles on another one year deal and really did not play well. It's hard to point to any one reason why either. It was the same system, he had the same role but just really wasn't the same player.

It's hard to know what to expect going forward because no one really knows why he struggled last year... But over the course of his career he's been a guy that has been most productive in limited snaps where he plays as a 1 technique DT in a 4-3. In that role, he really can get himself into the backfield and be disruptive.

That sounds like Roy Miller with less run-stopping power and more pass-rush. The Bucs have been looking for a way to increase their pass rush from that position, as Miller struggled to beat offensive linemen and affect the passer. The Bucs will likely have Landri split snaps with Gary Gibson, who was decent as a run defender last season. The Buccaneers must be hoping that the combination of the two of them and a potential draft pick produces more disruption than Miller did, without hurting their league-leading run defense much.

With that in mind, this note from Jenna Laine is interesting.

With Miller playing less than 50% of the snaps last season, Landri appears to be the Bucs' new nose tackle.