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2013 NFL Free Agency: Kevin Vickerson for the Buccaneers?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Rotoworld produced an article playing matchmaker with various free agents. Who fits where? Well, they seem to think that the Bucs' best match is....defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson. What now?

Defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson - Roy Miller is a free agent, and the Bucs need to replace him with a run-stuffing tackle next to pass-rusher extraordinaire Gerald McCoy. Vickerson was a key piece to Denver's No. 3 run defense and would help keep it the strong suit of Tampa's defense at an affordable rate.

While it's possible, this would basically be a lateral move. Vickerson is a two-down run stuffer who offers next to nothing as a pass rusher: he has just 5.5 career sacks. He played about 45% of Denver's defensive snaps last season, per Football Outsiders. That's basically identical to Roy Miller, who played 46% of the Bucs' snaps. I'd rather keep Miller, if only because he's familiar with the system, and five years younger.

The Buccaneers do need some extra depth at defensive tackle. Re-signing Roy Miller would help. But Kevin Vickerson as the best fit for the Buccaneers? That's just weird.