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Todd McShay 2013 NFL Mock Draft: Tavon Austin and Kawann Short to the Buccaneers?

Ronald Martinez

Todd McShay has a new mock draft out. And we're reporting on it because it's fun to talk about and wow does this stuff ever drive visitors to your site. I'm not kidding here: people love googling Todd McShay for some weird reason. He doesn't even have Mel Kiper's hair.

There's another good reason to talk about McShay's mock, though. He has the Buccaneers picking Tavon Austin in the first round and Kawann Short in the second. Here's what he said about Austin.

The Bucs might consider DT Sheldon Richardson or CB Xavier Rhodes here, but it would be hard to pass up the most dynamic offensive playmaker in the 2013 class with this pick. Some might think this is a bit high for a 5-foot-8 slot guy, but today's NFL demands that teams have players who can create in space, and Austin is just that. He has the versatility to contribute from the slot or the backfield, and occasionally in the return game. His elite combination of speed and quickness will cause headaches for opposing defenses, and help open up room for Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin and WR Mike Williams.

There's only one thing I can say to counter that: the Bucs have a pretty big need for cornerbacks, and it would be shocking and probably irresponsible if they don't address that early in the 2013 NFL draft, even if they swing a trade for Darrelle Revis. I can't help it. Needs-based drafting may be frowned upon, but it's just something you have to do when your need is that large and you can find a player who's pretty much talented enough to be selected with your pick.

Still, I do dearly love Tavon Austin. He's a dynamic receiver, similar to Percy Harvin, and would be a massive asset both on offense and on special teams. The Bucs do still need quality punt and kick returners. I have my doubts as to whether Austin would fit the offense as it is, although I do think that Austin is the kind of talent you fit your offense around. He would fill some holes with the Bucs, who still need to find a third receiving option behind Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. In additions, he's a West Virginia player, and we all know Greg Schiano loves those guys.

And yet, I just can't get around that big need at cornerback. I can't.

As for Kawann Short, he does make sense. He's a short-ish defensive tackle who's disruptive and can hold the point against double teams, and would probably step in at nose tackle. He would be capable of providing some pass-rush from the nose tackle spot, something the Bucs haven't had for years.