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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Xavier Rhodes for the Buccaneers?


The SB nation writers mock draft is happening, and the Buccaneers' first pick is in. To no one's surprise, the pick was Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes. You can click the link to see my explanation, but it's not that complicated: I can't possibly ignore the gaping hole the Bucs have at cornerback, and Rhodes is a very talented but not perfect player. It is a good fit, and given the fact that Revis is not (yet) a Buc, there really was no realistic alternative.

Here's what Dan Kadar had to say about the pick.

When the Buccaneers traded Aqib Talib, it left a considerable lack of talent in the defensive backfield. Sure, Johnson has some upside potential, but Gorrer is a journeyman and Wright’s roster spot is tenuous. Either Rhodes or Trufant should slip to the Buccaneers’ spot. Whichever one is there should be the choice. Rhodes is a press specialist and should continue to refine his instincts and zone coverage skills.

Spoils you have made the same selection, or would you have preferred Sheldon Richardson, Tavon Austin or even Tyler Eifert?