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Free agency roundup, Bucs' options at cornerback: Daily Bucs Links

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Evaluating the Bucs' non-Revis cornerback options | Tampa Bay Times

Those options are awful.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Historical Draft Efficiency: An Introduction

Hey, the Bucs aren't one of the worst drafting teams, historically. Surprising.

Michael Bennett injury update: Seahawks DE will not have surgery soon -


Cam Newton, Daryl Washington headline All-Underrated Team -

And Mike Williams.

Bucs Free Agent Options Shrinking; Who's Left To Fill Holes?-Pewter Report

Not much.

NFL news roundup: Vince Young works out, Shaun Rogers gets robbed and more -

Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell both want to make comebacks. Okay then.

Falcons the latest NFL team to seek help from college teams -

Everyone wants to stop the read option.

What would the Raiders do without Carson Palmer? -

Be awful. Not that that would change with Palmer.

Matt Flynn waits for his chance -

Who will trade for him?

NFL 2013: 2nd year breakout candidates -

No Bucs.

Report: Gay NFL Player 'Strongly Considers' Coming Out - Outsports