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Revis trade rumors: Buccaneers badly want Darrelle Revis


Oh, you thought the saga was over after not having read anything new on Revis for a few days? Hah, fooled you! the Buccaneers still want Darrelle Revis. The New York Jets still want to trade him. The two sides just can't come to terms for some idiotic reason. A trade is likely to get done before the draft, though perhaps not very far before the draft. Anyway, here's Stephen Holder basically saying what we all already knew.

I remain convinced that this trade will happen. In part because the Buccaneers can't afford not to make it happen. What's the alternative, going into the season with two rookies starting at cornerback? Not even Patrick Peterson (or Darrelle Revis) had a good rookie season. It just takes time for rookies to adjust to playing cornerback, more so than at many other positions.

The Bucs aren't necessarily in a hurry, though. The cornerback market isn't going to look drastically different three months from now, old veterans being the only viable additions left. At this point it doesn't really matter whether the trade gets done now or in three months. As long as it gets done.

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