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NFL Free Agency 2013 Rumors: Brent Grimes out of the picture for Buccaneers

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

It seems that Buccaneers fans can put Brent Grimes out of their minds. That, at least, per some tweets from your local beat writers.

That's a little random, just a week after the Buccaneers were rumored to be after Brent Grimes. But, well, I can't say I'm all that surprised. Grimes was a very good player for the Falcons, but the last time he played on a high level was in 2010. He's coming off two consecutive serious season-ending injuries, with the latest Achilles injury being especially concerning. To make matters worse, he will be 30 once the season starts. Grimes is the best remaining cornerback on the market, but he's not a top-notch free agent. He's just the least awful option left on a terrible market.

Of course, that doesn't mean tweets like this don't sound odd.

Not a Buccaneer man? Really? This is the first I've heard of Brent Grimes not fitting that mold. Which would basically mean he's either not a hard worker, or gets into off-field trouble. Which, again, I've never seen any evidence or even indication of. Ira Kaufman's a good reporter, but this feels...suspicious.

With the Buccaneers apparently moving on from Grimes, the Bucs have exactly one serious option left on the cornerback market: Darrelle Revis. This really is going to happen. The question is just: when and at what price?