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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Buccaneers go after Desmond Trufant

William Mancebo

It's Monday and that means it's Mock Draft time. Cornerback has been the standard pick for weeks for the Buccaneers and that will remain the case as long as they don't trade for Darrelle Revis and sign Brent Grimes. Even if that happens and they retain their first-round pick, cornerback may still be the pick: they have that little talent at the position right now.

This week, Dan Kadar has the Bucs going after Desmond Trufant. The cornerback has gotten a lot more buzz recently after a good showing at the combine and as the media and draftniks have gotten a better feeling for what teams are looking for. Here's what Dan had to say about the pick.

Whether it's a player like Trufant or someone like Xavier Rhodes, if available, cornerback has to be the greatest first round priority for the Buccaneers. Chances are this pick could get flipped for Darrelle Revis. If it is and the Jets are picking here, cornerback may be the 13th pick in the draft regardless.

I have one major problem with this selection: I really don't like Trufant as a player. I think he has too many technique problems, with perhaps the worst and most uncomfortable backpedal I've ever seen. More importantly for the Buccaneers: he is weak and looks unwilling in run defense, which is the kind of thing that will be a dealbreaker for Greg Schiano, priding himself on defending the run.

The Bucs have a massive need at cornerback. But I'd rather see Xavier Rhodes or perhaps Jamar Taylor than Desmond Trufant in a pewter uniform.