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Elvis Dumervil signs with Baltimore Ravens


Elvis Dumervil will join the Baltimore Ravens, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post. Dumervil hit the free agent market after he was cut in a salary cap move by the Denver Broncos. Dumervil was willing to take a pay cut, but somehow in what must be the biggest cock-up in years and somehow involving trying to send a fax from a Kinko's, his agent failed to get the contract to the Broncos by the deadline. Good fun.

Some Buccaneers fans wanted Elvis Dumervil to come to Tampa, but that was never a realistic proposition. The Buccaneers aren't going to spend big on a defensive end when they have both Da'Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn and just let Michael Bennett walk over a much smaller sum of money. Right or wrong, the Bucs see Clayborn and Bowers as their future starters at defensive end. While both have had injury issues, they've also shown a lot of potential and could certainly prove to be the team's long-term answer at the position. But this strategy has completely eroded any depth the Bucs had at the position.

The team might go after a pass-rush specialist to help spell the two starting defensive ends, with John Abraham and Dwight Freeney both still on the market. Osi Umenyiora is about to sign with the Falcons, although that's not a done deal yet. But the team may roll with Clayborn and Bowers, backed up by Daniel Te'o-Nesheim -- an unspectacular player -- and Aaron Morgan, who showed some flashes as a speed rusher late last season.

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