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Buccaneers trade rumors: Eric Wright on the trade block


According to Pro Football Talk the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trying to find a trading partner for Eric Wright. The cornerback was suspended four games for violating the league's PED policy last season after signing a long-term contract with the Buccaneers. Wright was supposed to complement Aqib Talib in Tampa, but struggled with minor injuries and didn't live up to his hefty pricetag. With the guarantee on his salary voiding because of his suspension, the Bucs are free to move Wright with no cap penalties.

Of course, finding a buyer will be a lot easier said than done. Wright has a hefty $7.75 million salary this season and no team is going to agree to trade for him without getting him to agree to lower his salary. And Wright can simply refuse, and wait for the Buccaneers to release him so he can negotiate a contract on the open market. The market for cornerbacks is fairly depressed and Wright may simply opt to take a decent deal if it comes his way via trade, but there's little reason for teams to give up much for a cornerback who's likely to be cut in a couple of weeks.

At least we know one thing: Eric Wright was the "kid corner" Mark Dominik was talking about in his phone call with Buddy Nix.

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