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Revis trade rumors: Glazers are driving Buccaneers push for Darrelle Revis

Alex Livesey

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been pursuing Darrelle Revis for what seems like an eternity, but may really have been just a single week. The rumors are getting more intense, and now it appears the Bucs are poised to give up the farm for the superstar cornerback. None of this could happen without explicit approval of ownership, but according to Pro Football Talk the Glazers don't just approve: they're driving the trade talks, so a source tells PFT.

This makes perfect sense, knowing the Glazers. After all, they were the same people behind the Bucs' trading two first-rounders for Keyshawn Johnson in 2000, and the same people who personally negotiated Jon Gruden's transition to Tampa -- also for two first-round draft picks. They approved the Bucs' spending spree last season, and even allowed their overseas soccer club to go after the best player realistically available.

If the Glazers are really driving this, there really is no way this doesn't get done. If ownership says "jump", the employees jump -- it is that simple. Of course, the Glazers are smart people and they may be persuaded that this isn't the right move -- if it really isn't the right move. But ownership driving any move makes it much more likely to actually happen.

The Glazers were quiet for several years, but they've been fans of big, splashy moves throughout their history. They're not afraid to mortgage the future for short-term gain, which may be exactly what is happening.