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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Jets not in a rush to deal

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The smokescreens are everywhere! After the Buccaneers tried to pressure the New York Jets by suggesting they'd look elsewhere soon, the Jets are now striking back, leaking that they don't care because they have plenty of time, per ESPN. And, to an extent, they aren't in a hurry: they don't care if he gets traded the day before the season starts, as long as he gets traded.

Here's the issue: the Buccaneers appear to be the only team willing to give up a significant amount for Revis and willing to and capable of giving Revis the kind of long-term contract he desires. And the Buccaneers do care when a deal gets done. Once the 2013 draft rolls around, they won't be able to use any of those picks in a trade and they may simply draft a slew of cornerbacks to fill their needs. Once training camp starts, they'll lose valuable time to fit Revis in for every day the trade is delayed. The sooner a trade gets done, the better for them.

And, ultimately, there is a chance the Bucs do bow out of the Revis talks if it does take too long. The Jets are trying to maximize their value and attempting to push the Bucs as far as they can go, which is what happens in negotiations. Similarly, the Bucs are trying to make off with Revis as cheaply as possible. Will the two sides reach a compromise any time soon? That's the $100 million dollar question.

The Bucs are still in the trade talks, at least:

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