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ESPN Power Rankings: Buccaneers 21st

J. Meric

Power rankings are fun. Of course, they're not so fun when the Buccaneers don't get the respect we think they deserve -- but hey, that's going to happen. ESPN just published its pre-draft/post-free agency power rankings, and the Bucs come in 21st.

Buccaneers seem just fine playing along with Darrelle Revis trade speculation.

Well, you have to talk about something, I guess. Are the Bucs' the 21st best team in the NFL right now? Behind the Panthers, Rams, Bengals and Dolphins? I couldn't tell you, honestly. I can say this, though: we don't even know if the Bucs got better this offseason. They surely upgraded their depth with some minor signings and got a major upgrade in free safety Dashon Goldson -- but the cornerback situation looks even worse than it did four months ago. Now that's impressive given the fact that the Bucs probably had the NFL's worst group of cornerbacks at the time.

Until the Bucs address that massive hole in their secondary, I can't rank Tampa Bay very high in any kind of ranking. They will undoubtedly address cornerback at some point this offseason. The question's just: when?

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