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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Combine Edition

My examination of various players' draft stock post combine and before free agency starts

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The combine is officially over, some players helped themselves some did grievous injury to their draft stock. However, LET’S NOT OVERSTATE THINGS. The draft is still a month and a half away, free agency will change things, and even beyond that merely running a fast 40 time does not make you a great player. Best thing to remember, Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 40 yard dash time, he still was taken in the first round, and is still the greatest receiver of all time. The most important thing on a player’s resume is still his body of work in college (It’s more than 60% of the evaluation process). However some smaller school players did help themselves tremendously, they showed their high level of play at college was not simply a product of being against over matched players.

A few ground rules for those who have not read my mock drafts before:

1. This is not my order of player value, just where I think they may be drafted.

2. A few trades that appear in BOLD ITALICS but only when I couldn’t stomach the value positions not lining up with needs or felt strongly about a particular move, also only in round 1 or it gets confusing.

3. Don’t freak out on some value position, I’ve done 4 rounds but didn’t include pick numbers on round 4 because some compensatory picks will be added at the end of round 3.

4. 32% of the players who played in this previous SuperBowl and 9 starters were selected after round 3 or were UDFA’s. So don’t forget that draft day 3 is just as important as the first two.

5. I left Star Lotulelei totally off simply because his health condition cannot be determined.

Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M [Round 1(1)]

Round 3(63) Da’Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech

Round 4: Steve Williams CB California

SUMMARY: I hope everyone realizes that the 49ers leaked that report about having a deal "all but done" to trade Alex Smith. They wanted to drive up the price on the Chiefs and boy did it work. As opposed to multiple mid round selections they got a second round pick and a future mid rounder. Building their line around Joeckel would give the Chiefs the ability to improve either by allowing Albert to walk or moving him inside to his natural guard position. Da’Rick had all sorts of off field trouble that ended up with him being booted off the team at Tennessee and transferring to Tennessee Tech where he excelled. He also comes with the classic boom or bust power receiver label. Williams lit up the combine 40 track and has teams reevaluating his draft stock based on a very solid showing.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Chance Warmack OG Alabama [Round 1(2)]

Round 2 (33) Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio St.

Round 3 (64) Brennan Williams OT North Carolina

Round 4: Christine Micheal RB Texas A&M

Summary: New GM David Caldwell takes over for one of the worst GMs this century. The previous GM Gene Smith made a series of reach picks, baffling free agent signings, and questionable talent evaluations that were widely criticized at the time and deservedly so. Caldwell inherits a roster so devoid of talent he could literally set his BPA board; get hammered on whatever alcohol is in his desk (and if he looks at his roster he will need it) and just turn in the top player every round. No doubt Jacksonville’s biggest needs are on the defensive line, however the best player on the board is Warmack. Jacksonville also wants to focus on acquiring a better supporting cast for whomever wins the QB job. Left Tackle Eugene Monroe is good but the internal line needs a major upgrade. New Head Coach Gus Bradley would then build his defense from the nose out. Terrence Knighton was off injured and then ineffective last season and in a draft deep in DTs Hankins or whichever of the first round caliber DT’s that fall would be a nice training camp mate for Warmack. Brennan Williams' senior year ended prematurely due to a shoulder injury that’s also kept him from participating in off season activity. Word is he’ll be ready to workout soon and as someone who was once considered a top 5 tackle in this draft a strong workout could vault him back into day 2 conversation. Michael is a fast riser thanks to a strong post season I wouldn't be surprised to see him in round 3, the Jags need a RB other than MJD, especially given his health concerns.

Oakland Raiders: Dee Milliner CB Alabama [Round 1(3)]

Round 3(66) Joe Kruger DE/OLB Utah

Round 4: Leon McFadden CB San Diego St.

SUMMARY: Oakland’s CB situation is a mess, they are also some 4 million over the cap(Before they restructured Carson Palmer’s contract) so help is not arriving via free agency. Milliner is a very large physical corner who can play bump and run with the best in the business. He also has exceptional recovery speed should he miss and he should have a bright NFL future. The youngest of the three Kruger brothers flashed the family’s stock in trade last season at Utah. He followed it up with a strong combine showing and has pushed his way into round 3 conversations. The Raiders are one of a handful of teams that could take two CB’s in the first four rounds.

Philadelphia Eagles: Shariff Floyd DT Florida [Round 1(4)]

Round 2(35) John Jenkins NT Georiga

Round 3(67) David Amerson CB/FS NC St.

Round 4: Khaled Holmes C USC

SUMMARY: I’ll take heat for it but it's an undeserved meteoric rise. Not that Floyd doesn’t have talent but he’s a bit of tweener at DT-DE. The Eagles are hinting that they plan to shift into a 3-4 base defense moving Fletcher Cox to end and a finally developing Brandon Graham to OLB. Floyd might be an ideal fit for the other end and help solidify the front side of their defense. The massive 350 lbs Jenkins has nose tackle written all over him in 9 different languages and Philly could complete their defensive shift in a single draft. Amerson is lightning fast but will probably transition to FS at the Pro level due to slow turning ability and a tendency, despite his size, to get shoved around by larger receivers. If you watched any of USC last season Holmes really could have been their most valuable player every game he missed at Center they really struggled.

Buffalo Bills: Geno Smith QB W. Virginia [Round 1 (5) acquired from Detroit for 73rd overall pick(round3)]

Round 2(41) Kasheem Greene OLB Rutgers

Round 3(73)

Round 4: Vance McDonald TE Rice

SUMMARY: Now that Gene Smith was fired, Buddy Nix can officially stake his claim to being the biggest Draft Day Dunskie who serves as an NFL GM. Nix loves telegraphing things and back in November he claimed this was the year to strike and go get a franchise QB. Geno Smith might be just that and this wouldn’t be a less than ideal spot for Smith. If he’s slow to pickup the NFL system (after playing spread option in college) Fitzpatrick can hold down the fort to start the season. Geno can make all the throws and has the arm to handle the Buffalo wind, he just cannot make all the throws consistently and needs to be brought along and taught to read while dropping back under center. Don’t count out Ryan Nassib either, as Nix has no problem reaching and his first pick is all but guaranteed to be a QB. The Bills linebacking corp is a complete and total hot mess. They ranked in the bottom 30 against the run and adding a sideline to sideline tackler like Greene who does everything just well enough would seem to be a priority. Vance McDonald is a powerful kid with high upside who would be an upgrade over Scott Chandler.

Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia [Round 1(6)]

Round 3(68) Chris Gragg TE Arkansas

Round 4: Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

SUMMARY: The best pure pass rusher in this draft, I could make a case for Jones going #1 overall pretty easily. That said he does have a medical condition that will cause some teams to take him off their board entirely. The Browns have quite a few needs, surprise surprise, and 48 million in cap space. The Browns are another team switching to a base 3-4 set and a pass rusher on the order of Jarvis Jones would go a long way towards bringing their pass rush into something that can harass Joe Flacco, Big Ben, and Andy Dalton. Jones has a big red flag for his injury status but if the team doctors give him a clean bill of health his pass rush ability cannot be questioned. Gragg is the fastest TE in this draft and the type of primary receiving TE favored by Norv Turner. Wilson could fit what the Browns want to do scheme wise and challenge Brandon Weeden.

Miami Dolphins: Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan [Round 1 (7) from ARZ Cardinals for 3rd Round pick#77]

Round 2 (42) DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson

Round 2 (54) Jordan Reed TE Florida

Round 3 (77)

Round 3 (82) Alex Okafor DE Texas

Round 4: B.W. Webb CB William&Mary

SUMMARY: With 5 picks in the first 3 rounds we could see the Dolphins move around. Jake Long is scheduled to be a free agent and the Dolphins are considering whether his injury history makes him worth the money. With several teams needing a franchise LT lurking ahead of them and their desire to keep Tannehill healthy having a franchise LT is smart money. Last year’s second round pick Johnathan Martin is really more ideal on the right side than left. Hopkins brings a really nice all around package of skills and plays much faster than his 40 time would indicate. He has long broad arms and strong hands, he’s not an NFL #1 WR but clearly a #2 and that’s better than anything the Phins have at the moment. Reed’s going to appeal to a fairly broad group of teams that are looking for a pass catching TE , the Dolphins need one. Okafor is your classic strong side 43 defensive end a solid run stopper with enough acceleration to occasionally dislodge the QB, shifting Jared Odrick inside would make sense for the Phins. The Phins will be looking for someone new should Sean Smith depart and Webb makes good sense with his elite instincts.

Detroit Lions: Bjoern Werner DE Florida St. [Round 1(8) From Buffalo for Buffalo’s 2013 3rd round pick #71]

Round 2(36) Eddie Lacy RB Alabama

Round 3(65) Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU

Round 3(71) William Gholston DE Michigan St.

SUMMARY: Bye Bye Cliff Avril , hello Bjoern Werner. Bjoern Wener recorded 12 sacks last season for FSU and has been a consistent steady performer during 27 starts. Detroit right now is up against the cap so retaining Avril is probably a bridge too far for them, he might have not "wowed" at the combine but he’s still guy whose going to have near double digit sacks while being superlative against the run. Not to mention they also released Kyle Vandenbosch who is almost a clone of Bjoern. I don’t see a first round running back this year but I can see 4 different guys teams could place on their board as the first running back. There's probably no player more hotly debated than Mathieu whose multiple drug test failures and recent arrest have his stock all over the place. I believe at this point he will be an early third round pick, a dozen or so teams simply will not have him on their board but I’m not sure anyone is willing to commit more than a 3rd round pick no matter how interested they are. If the Lions want to they can double dip at DE and not be wrong in this draft, Gholston flashes ability all the time on tape, he also shows that he takes some plays off so will need to improve on that.

New York Jets: Dion Jordan OLB Oregon[Round 1 (9)]

Round 2(39)Mike Glennon QB NC St.

Round 3(72) Giovani Bernard RB North Carolina

Round 4: Stedman Bailey WR W.Virginia

SUMMARY: New General Manager John Idzik is looking long term, Rex Ryan needs to win now. They're vastly over the cap and Calvin Pace and Bart Scott likely will not be back, and while I’m sure Idzik would like to start on the offensive side of the ball none of the offensive skill players merit a selection at this point. Dion Jordan would be an excellent selection at this point in the draft and someone who could step in from day 1 for Ryan’s defense. Glennon is tall, strong armed, and had two full seasons as a starter however he’s far from a finished product at his point so this would be a longer term developmental option for the Jets. Bernard is a good four-tool running back who brings balance and pass catching ability from the backfield while also being a quality north south runner albeit one without break away speed. Bailey had excellent production at W. Virginia but cannot play outside at the NFL level so he’s liable to be stuck strictly in the slot.

Tennessee Titans: Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah DE BYU [Round 1 (10)]

Round 2(40) Travis Fredrick C Wisconsin

Round 3(70) Tony Jefferson FS Oklahoma

Round 4: Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma

SUMMARY: Derrick Morgan finally had a good season this past year but it was far from great, Ansah is drawing far too many Jason Pierre Paul comparisons and while I have concerns about Ansah’s conditioning and utter lack of technique for this mock, I’m only looking at where I would project them going and the rave reviews of Ansah will get someone to bite. Drafting Travis Fredrick (who should be a day 1 starter) allows the Titans to shift Feranando Velasco over to guard and the two of them could help Chris Johnson stop complaining about the blocking. People looking for Jefferson to have lit up the combine with speed didn’t watch most of his games at Oklahoma, he is however long and elevates well with smooth hips and is a classic deep middle defender. Stills could be a nice find in round 4 or slightly before this point, some injury concerns but the Titans could use the assistance.

San Diego Chargers: Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma [Round 1(11)]

Round 2(45) Desmond Trufant CB Washington

Round 3 (76) Jawan Jamison RB Rutgers

Round 4: Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse

SUMMARY: Lane Johnson at 11 is no longer a reach, he’s gone from being a solid 2nd round guy to a first round type by having a great Senior Bowl week. He maintained his momentum through the combine and he could end up going even higher. The Chargers want to move on from Jared Gaither and Mike McCoy knows what a great LT like Ryan Clady can mean to your offense. GM Tom Telesco will want to add some youth and speed to his secondary, enter Desmond Trufant. Trufant brings plenty of straight line speed (as he demonstrated at the combine) along with good length though may get burned by faster shifty WR’s as Trufant’s agility simply does not match his straight line speed. The ultra-elusive Jamison is surging quickly and has could be a feature back in the NFL a year after being Rutgers offensive MVP. Nassib could fall in behind Phillip Rivers I don’t have much faith in him but I bet Mike McCoy could do wonders for him.

Arizona Cardinals: Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina [Round 1(12) from Miami for pick 77]

Round 2(38)

Round 3(69)

Round 1 (27) From Houston for 2nd and 3rd round selections: Matt Barkley QB USC

Round 3 (77) DJ Hayden CB Houston

Round 4: Jelani Jenkins LB Florida

SUMMARY: Team President Michael Bidwell struck gold in the 7th round last season by taking Nate Potter who started and showed promise at LT and fellow rookie (and DP favorite) Bobby Massie in round 4 who started at RT. He fixed the tackles but the Offensive Guards are still a mess. In almost any draft Cooper would be the #1 ranked guard, he’s talented enough to be a top 10 pick and instantly would upgrade a suspect Cardinals line. QB is popular to mock here at pick 7 but I think the Cardinals come into the back end of the draft to grab a USC QB not named Leinhart. Arians is a smart guy and knows that just because one USC QB failed doesn’t mean the next well and acquiring Barkley after trading back and then back into the first round makes more sense than reaching for him early. DJ Hayden didn’t work out at the combine but is really smooth CB who could develop into a full time starter, he does an excellent job battling WR’s for the ball and would fit instantly in an Arizona defense that needs a supporting cast for Patrick Peterson and Adrian Wilson. Jenkins is a tad short but could fit in at a number of LB spots for the Cardinals.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame[Round 1(13)]

Round 2(43) Logan Ryan CB Rutgers

Round 3(73) Kevin Reddick ILB-OLB North Carolina

Round 4a: Josh Boyd NT Mississipi St.

Round 4b: Marquise Goodwin WR Texas

SUMMARY: Yes Witty, I know the napalm is coming, just keep in mind where I come from and my retaliatory strike may be more than you can handle J. As much as Tampa may want and need a CB I still don’t think there is a CB who justifies being selected yet, nor a defensive end who is not already taken. It also makes perverse sense; Coach Schiano is all in with Josh Freeman, some of our worst offensive games (including St. Louis, Dallas, Atlanta and Denver) came against teams with heavy press corners. Taking away Jackson and Williams killed our offense. We did not have a third option, enter Tyler Eifert who gives Freeman just that. He's a ball catcher who can stretch and work the middle of the defense. Eifert’s wingspan and vertical make him an excellent target. He is also above average as a blocker who should get the opportunity to "mix up" our offense. One of the biggest keys a defense can have is if your blocking or pass catching TE is in the game. As far as value, believe it or no this is a smidge reach for Eifert who will go somewhere between 16(the Rams) and 25(Seahawks) if Tampa passes at 13.

Logan Ryan is not surprisingly an ideal fit for our defense: a tough physical outside corner. He does not posses elite speed but if Tampa signs a #1 CB through free agency getting a #2 in the draft should work out quite well. All the ILB depth in this draft is going to cause some of them to tumble, Reddick is really a second round talent but with almost 10 starting caliber ILBs in this draft, teams may simply decide they can wait to draft one. Reddick brings some pass rush ability as a naturally explosive athlete. Reddick excels at attacking the A-Gap through blitzes and stunts, he also has just enough wiggle to get around the edge . Here Tampa would get a polished MLB with more range in pass coverage than incumbent Mason Foster. Reddick made the defensive calls at North Carolina last year and could start as a strong side linebacker before eventually moving to the middle. Boyd could be the sort of high motor relentless player that Schiano could go for. The small Goodwin has lightning speed and can take the top off of the coverag. He doesn’t have the production to go with his speed so that’s a management decision that will need to be made as to whether he can develop further.

Carolina Panthers: Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri [Round 1(14)]

Round 2(44) Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB UCONN

Round 4: Terron Armstead OT Arkasas Pine-Bluff

SUMMARY: After getting the defensive rookie of the year in overlooked Luke Kuechly the Panthers follow that up with a quality undertackle who can make plays in the offensive backfield. Once laughable, back to back hits in the first round and their defense starts to get much better. The Panthers have a serious need at CB and might be a threat to go there in round 1, however Wreh-Wilson fits what they want to do defensively quite nicely and should provide an instant upgrade while coming in starter ready. Armstead earned himself a bunch of money at the combine he has the athletic prowess but not the film so your looking at a solid 4th round fringe 3rd round guy.

New Orleans Saints: Damontre Moore DE/OLB Texas A&M [Round 1(15)]

Round 3(75) Markus Wheaton WR Oregon St.

Round 4: Montori Hughes NT Tennessee Martin

SUMMARY: The Saints are shifting to a 3-4 set, so finding an outside pass rushing stand up linebacker would seem essential. Moore has top 5 level production against high quality SEC opponents but had an awful combine with just 12 bench press reps. He seems to lean towards some time in the gym. He does have a knack for getting into the offensive backfield and should provide some pass rush in the pass happy NFC South. The highly productive and very fast, yet undersized, Wheaton has 3rd round WR written all over him. The Saints still need more defensive talent but having Drew Brees at QB means giving him consistent offensive weapons he can use. Hughes could add needed bulk to a Saints D-line searching for a nose tackle.

St. Louis Rams: Kenny Vaccaro FS/SS Texas [Round 1(16)]

Round 1(22) Keenan Allen WR California

Round 2(46) Justin Pugh OT Syracuse

Round 3(78) Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina

Round 4: Kiko Alonso OLB Oregon

SUMMARY: Vaccaro has range and takes quality consistent angles. Current safeties Craig Dahl and Quintin Mikell are stop gap options at best. The Rams could use a #1 WR here, but this draft is devoid of those so they pull in a sure fire top notch safety at 16. Vaccaro may not have torched the 40 time in a combo but 4.6 is just fine for a safety. The Rams could really use some help at outside WR , they even invited Titus Young in for a cup of coffee. Jeff Fisher is one who typically insists on not reaching but as badly as he wants a WR he could make just this one exception if Allen, who would be a perfect fit for Bradford remains on the board. It’s not often you can find first round tackle talent in the middle of round 2, but Pugh is almost identical to Reilly Reif who went in round 1 last season and he would provide a great deal of flexibility to the Rams. Without the knee injury Lattimore is probably the #1 RB in this draft and possibly one who would deserve being a first round pick, Lattimore is a tough physical runner but the knee injuries are a concern. Alonso would bring some added outside speed for the Rams.

Pittsburg Steelers: Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St. [Round1(17]

Round 2(48) Sam Montgomery OLB LSU

Round 3(79) Robert Woods WR USC

Round 4: Andre Ellington RB Clemson

SUMMARY: 10 million over the salary cap and aging quickly, the Steelers decline may continue for quite some time. As much as they would like to retain him Keenan Allen may be headed out in free agency, their LBs are past their prime, and the defensive line is not getting any younger either. Rhodes just had a really impressive combine securing himself as a 1st round pick, but the susceptibility on double moves and tight hip diagnosis continues. He does bring a physical presence however along with excellent recovery speed should he get beat. Rhodes should be a solid starting CB however and does bring great catching skills so turnovers by him can make up for the times he gives up the big play. Sam Montgomery is going to have to convert to OLB he simply lacks the girth to be a regular DE in a 4-3 , hes been much more productive than many of the DE’s that will be taken ahead of him, his physical skills suggest he’s close to his ceiling but you have to route for someone who has produced so well. I am not sure if Woods can play outside in the NFL but the Steelers need a replacement starting WR and improved depth, Woods has the talent and background to fit in there somewhere. Ellington brings capability as a 3rd down back and breakaway speed from the line.

Dallas Cowboys: Margus Hunt DE SMU [Round 1(18)]

Round 2(47) Kwann Short DT Purdue

Round 3(80) Larry Warford G Kentucky

Round 4: Le’veon Bell RB Michigan St.

SUMMARY: After initially saying they would stick with a base 3-4 Jason Garrett confirmed the Cowboys are shifting to a 4-3 set. Under former Buc and legendary defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin the Cowboys will attempt to bring some Tampa 2 magic to the big city. No player at the combine helped themselves more than Margus Hunt. His 8 sacks last season could have been the result of a lower level of competition but his physical skill set is simply too complete. Very long at 6’8" Hunt will need to play lower than he naturally wants to at times but he would be a complete end for a defense that needs to improve if Big D wants to be the NFC East champs. Kwann’s a very good defensive undertackle for Kiffin’s scheme and in any other draft this guy is a late first round pick. Kwann’s problem is that he is in a very deep DT draft that brings a lot of versatility and options that he might not. Warford fits the bill as a big imposing mammoth street fighter from an SEC school that Jerry Jones would love to draft. Bell could be a big back compliment for oft injured DeMarco Murray.

Minnesota Vikings: Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee [Round 1(19) from NYG. for Day 3 draft pick]

Round 2(52): Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern

Round 3(83): Jon Bostic LB Florida

Round 4a: Shawn Williams SS Georgia

Round 4b: Zach Line FB SMU

SUMMARY: The Vikings have a pretty dire need for an outside WR who can fight for the ball. Pattersons draft stock came down to how well he performed at the combine. Strong hands he has and just as importantly he has the size to play outside which is something the Vikings desperately need. With the Bears now run by offensive Genius Marc Trestman jumping ahead of the Bears would seem wise. Brandon Williams could end up being a first round pick if someone decides he’s a better nose tackle than Jenkins or Hankins, there is no longer that much difference between the 3. Williams has had a really strong postseason while the other two’s have been ho-hum. Williams is also renowned for his work ethic and coachability so he may out-interview the others. Bostic would be an instant upgrade for the Vikings whose only real LB of merit is Chad Greenway. An in the box SS like Williams would be a good compliment to the rangy Harrison Smith. Line is sort of a wild card do it all FB who has nice hands for pass catching on the outside.

Chicago Bears: Tavon Austin WR/KR/PR WVU [Round 1(20)]

Round 2(50) Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati

Round 4: Dallas Thomas OG/OT Tennesse

SUMMARY: Everyone seems to think MLB to replace Urlacher, but don’t forget Trestman is an offensive guru. They would probably prefer a left tackle, but the elites are gone and they still don’t have a large crop of early selections to move up with. I could see a trade back getting worked on but I could also see Trestman deciding to coach the lineman currently on the roster. In addition an X factor like Austin pairing with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery would give a chess master like Trestman some major pieces to move about the board. and one look at that Chicago offensive line could put him on prozac. Kelce still needs work playing inline as a tight end his blocking technique will need to be coached up (he’s better at it in space) but he has a long stride and very soft hands, he would make an excellent addition to the Bears who have been looking for a TE since Greg Olson was traded. Everyone has their #3 TE in this draft that they feel strongly about. Kelce is mine while others will have Escobar, and some Jordan Reed. It will depend on the team but expect them to become valuable at the end of round 2 - start of round 3 and get pulled off the board in short order. Dallas Thomas would be another cog in an offensive line that needs upgrades everywhere.

Cincinnati Bengals: Alec Ogletree LB Georgia [Round 1(21).]

Round 2(37) John Cyprien S Florida International

Round 2(53) Corey Lemonier DE/OLB Auburn

Round 3(84) Kenjon Barner RB Oregon

Round 4: T.J. McDonald FS USC

SUMMARY: Ogletree just got picked up for DUI. No biggie with the Bengals who outside of break through UDFA Vontaze Burlifict have no LB talent. Cyprien was one of the fastest risers this offseason and could represent an upgrade at SS for the Bengals. Crocker has been very marginal for them there and Taylor Mays a complete bust. Lemonier would have to be a situational pass rusher in Cincinnati but he has solid production, high intangibles and a non stop motor, really an underrated prospect who could be a steal after most of the other DE pass rushers are gone. Kenjon Barner would be a nice complimentary back to Benjarvus Green-Ellis. McDonald has been really inconsistent and he will need to step up the level of play in order to obtain a starting job at the NFL level.

New York Giants: Menelik Watson OT FSU [Round 1 (23) from Minnesota for day 3 selection]

Round 2 (49) Arthur Brown LB Kansas St.

Round 3(81) Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois

Round 4: Devin Taylor DE S. Carolina

SUMMARY: Menelik Watson the British mauler would be a good fit for the Giants aging offensive line. Will Beatty and Kevin Booth are both up in the air and for the Giants a powerful offensive lineman could go a long way towards helping the Giants protect the all-important Eli Manning. Arthur Brown is a highly productive LB who is a tad undersized but brings plenty of playmaking ability, something the Giants have not had in a LB in quite sometime. Opinions on Hawthorne range all over the board but he has speed and physicality something the Giants could use in the secondary. Taylor looked great both in the post season and at the combine, but his production at S. Carolina has been underwhelming so he’ll need to be able to step it up finding a game he can use his raw ability with.

Indianapolis Colts: Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU [Round 1(24)]

Round 3(86): Barrett Jones C Alabama

Round 4: Ricky Wagner OT/OG Wisconsin

SUMMARY: Mingo has been up and down but clearly has the ability to rush the passer. His "I didn’t need top effort" all the time is the most troubling comment I’ve heard from a prospect this off season. The Colts will likely want to continue their transition to a 3-4 defense this season and have already said they will say goodbye to Dwight Freeney. Barrett Jones is one of the most versatile offensive lineman in the draft he brings a physical presence to the center of the Colts line as either a center or guard. Wagner is a big strong guy with good feet who might fit at either guard or right tackle.

Seattle Seahawks:Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina [Round 1(25)]

Round 2(56): Gavin Escobar TE San Diego St.

Round 3(87): Aaron Dobson WR Marshall

Round 4: Cornellius "Tank" Carradine DE Florida St.

SUMMARY: Away from football for a season Williams came back with a vengeance generating 6 sacks at UNC and showing the ability to crush the pocket. Williams could help Seattle upgrade a defense that yielded 5.6 yards per carry on first down. Let’s not forget the Seahawks traded for Kellen Winslow last season. A big physical TE like Escobar who can use his body to shield defenders from the ball while also blocking well could be a nice addition for a team that could profit from his as an offensive weapon. Dobson has the size to be an outside receiver at the NFL level, he has just enough speed to be a starter and runs clean routes. He’s pretty close to NFL ready and could allow the Seahawks to shift one of their smaller WRs inside. Tank Carradine is an underrated buy who is going to make some team very happy.

Green Bay Packers: Matt Elam S Florida[Round 1(26)]

Round 2(55): Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech

Round 3(88): Mike Gillislee RB Florida

Round 4: Ty Powell OLB/DE Harding

SUMMARY: The Packers had to waive goodbye to Charles Woodson for salary cap reasons this past year and scouts simply raved about Elam’s interviews and film. He can play either safety position depending on your scheme and brings toughness and playmaking ability to a Packers secondary that could certainly use it. The Packers love their day 2 WR’s and Patton also has the best hands of a WR in this draft. Gillislee brings speed and toughness along with versatility to a Green Bay backfield that could really use it. Powell is a tweener who needs to learn to make a living as an outside rushing linebacker in a 34 set.

Houston Texans: [Round 1(27)] Traded to Arizona for picks 38&69 (Rounds 2&3)

Round 2(38) Kevin Minter ILB LSU

Round 2(57) Eric Reid FS LSU

Round 3(69)Terrance Williams WR Baylor

Round 3(89) Kwame Geathers NT Georgia

Round 4: Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

SUMMARY: Houston would seem a prime target to me for move back. They are not in cap casualty territory yet but there team is teetering on that brink. They also have numerous areas that are not necessarily holes but could use an upgrade. This is the classic trade down where they get the player they might have picked in round 1 anyway. Minter would fit Houston’s defense to a t and bring back some of the things they missed after trading away DeMeco Ryans. Reid is a really good centerfielder with exceptional ball skills who can pick up slot corners. If Glover Quin leaves he would be an ideal replacement, someone just needs to teach him to gamble less when he’s the last line of defense. Terrance Williams is the best jump ball catcher in this draft and a real deep threat, he’s also the worst route runner by far. Undisciplined and choppy in performance, Williams will need to learn to get with the Texans program but could instantly take some heat off of Andre Johnson. Geathers is a massive 350lbs nose tackle who could challenge to be the starting NT in Houston. Landry Jones would be an upgrade over backup TJ Yates and fits the scheme Houston runs.

Denver Broncos: Manti Te’o MLB Notre Dame[Round 1(28)]

Round 2(58) Jesse Williams NT Alabama

Round 3(90) Phillip Thomas S Fresno St.

Round 4: Marquess Wilson WR Washington St.

SUMMARY: The Broncos have only 37 year old Keith Brooking at MLB and despite Te’o’s vastly underwhelming performance at the combine he still is a good run stuffer with exceptional pass coverage instincts. He will get another chance to run at Notre Dame’s pro day and the Broncos would like to be more physical down the middle. Denver’s hybrid defense would really benefit from having Williams inside to occupy space , he has enough lateral agility to play well in a 43 but a low enough center of gravity to anchor when they shift to a 34. The Broncos could use a striker with range like Phillip Thomas to pair with incumbent FS Rahim Moore. Wilson has been highly productive, but Mike Leach’s drill sergeant routine didn’t work for him so people will need to decide how and where he fits.

New England Patriots: Jonthan Banks CB Miss St. [Round 1(29)]

Round 2(59) Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M

Round 3(91) Sio Moore OLB UCONN

SUMMARY: Thanks to Tom Brady the Patriots have a little big of cap wiggle room but even if they somehow get Talib back they are clearly in the market for a new CB. The long, lanky Banks might not have typical Belichick versatility but he is the kind of physical corner he’s been drawn to before. Swope has not played as fast as his 40 time would indicate but combining that with the vertical and his level of production at Texas A&M and you have to figure there is enough raw material there for the Patriots to harvest. Sio Moore would give the Patriots the sort of sideline to sideline defender they have been missing for some time.

Atlanta Falcons: Zach Ertz TE Stanford [Round 1(30)]

Round 2(60) Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

Round 3(92) Kyle Long OG/OT Oregon

Round 4: A.J. Klein LB Iowa St.

SUMMARY: I bet the Falcons are still kicking themselves for coming up 17 minutes short of the Super Bowl. They are still the class of the NFC South at the moment but will need to replace a retiring Tony Gonzalez. Ertz provides better blocking and shows really soft hands particularly on sideline routes. Montee is not a break away back but appears to be a solid workhorse with above average vision for an NFL offense. With Michael Turner gone Ball could shoulder some of the load. Long clearly has a pedigree that NFL teams would love. He could bring versatility to the Falcons who need a plan for Todd McClure’s retirement. Long would allow Konz to shift back inside to his more natural center position. The Falcons got exposed by read option teams and at some point in the draft need to add more speed at linebacker. Klein brings plenty of range and would start at strong side prior to developing as a middle linebacker.

San Francisco 49ers: Datone Jones DE UCLA . [Round 1(31)]

Round 2(34) Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

Round 2(61) Jamie Collins OLB Southern Mississippi

Round 3(74) DJ Swearinger S South Carolina

Round 3(93) EJ Manuel QB Florida St.

Round 4: Caleb Sturgis PK Florida

SUMMARY: The 49ers may clap for Harbaugh and Kaepernick, but they should not forget the great personnel work of Singletary and Nolan who helped guide Tom Gamble towards some of their best players. Last year’s pick of A.J. Jenkins was a bust – highly criticized at the time it holds up. Jones would be a great fit on a defensive line that is not getting any younger his size and productivity, posting 6.5 sacks to go with nineteen tackles for loss last season should make him an ideal fit for a 34 team. Unlike two of the three receivers I have being drafted ahead of him Hunter actually got to 1,000 yards receiving last season and is probably the most ready to contribute on day 1. Colllins is one of those guys who used the combine process very well, a smaller school player with top line production he showed he had the athleticism to back up the production. Sooner or later the 49ers will get tired of franchise tagging Dashon Goldson and honestly the fast powerful Swearinger could stand to play in reserve for one season while learning the NFL ropes and cleaning up some issues with his game. The departure of Alex Smith means the 49ers are going to need a backup QB to run the spread option, Manuel goes a round early here but with so many teams pegging him as 4th round value I wouldn’t be shocked to see them grab him a few picks early. Place kicker was a sore spot for the 49ers and Sturgis is this seasons best rookie.

Baltimore Ravens: DJ Fluker OT Alabama[Round 1(32)]

Round 2(62) Jordan Poyer CB Oregon St.

Round 3(94) Cornelius Washington OLB/DE Georgia

Round 4: Vince Williams LB Florida St.

SUMMARY: Polish that Super Bowl trophy but it’s likely to be a long fall for the Ravens; they have multiple free agents and Joe Flacco is getting ready to break the bank. Ray Lewis’s retirement saved them some cash but Ed Reed appears headed on his way out, cap casualties are soon to mount and last year's LT Bryant McKinnie would like to play elsewhere next year. Enter massive DJ Fluker. Pairing him with Oher would give the Ravens the most physical set of bookends in the NFL. After the first three corners (Millner, Rhodes, and Banks) there is the second group of (Wreh-Wilson, Logan Ryan, Desmond Trufant and Jordan Poyer). Expect all four of the second tier to go in rapid fire succession in round 2 run. Washington would be a good value pick at this point in the draft and could add value as a situational pass rusher or strong side backer. Vince Williams has a solid post-season and quality film. He doesn't have elite measurable but really solid all around linebacker.

Washington Redskins: [Round 2(51)] Brian Schwenke C California

Round 3(85) Baccari Rambo S Georgia

Round 4: Darius Slay CB/S Mississippi St.

SUMMARY: No first round pick due to the RGIII trade but the Redskins still have work to do. They need to upgrade the overall talent on their team, and Brian Schwenke is a zone blocking team’s dream center: short, powerful and does his best work while on the move. At one point Rambo was considered the top safety in this draft, as it stands he was never able to follow up that early hype but should still fit in a number of schemes based on versatility and range. Slay was productive and measures out well long and athletic his surge is well earned.