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Joel Glazer speaks: Buccaneers to get indoor practice facility, ownership to blame for failures

(This is actually Brian Glazer, but I have no good picture of Joel)
(This is actually Brian Glazer, but I have no good picture of Joel)
Jeff Griffith-US PRESSWIRE

In his annual state of the franchise address, Joel Glazer said a bunch of things about being to blame for the failure to win a playoff game in ten years. It's nice to see ownership take responsibility -- it's just not very useful or shocking. In fact, none of what they said was very interesting -- and you can read most of it over at the Tampa Tribune.

Yes, attendance has been bad and yes that is partly due to wins and partly due to the economy, but attendance is also rising. Yes, the Bucs finished poorly last season -- but the final game brought some relief. And yes, the Bucs still have confidence in Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano. No, the Bucs are not going to relocate (via Ira Kaufman). It's nice to hear all of this -- but none of it is new.

Here's one interesting note though: the Buccaneers will get some kind of indoor practice field in the future (via Rick Stroud). Not in 2013, but "soon", so presumably in 2014 then. Not having to cancel practices because of rain will certainly help preparation a little bit.

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