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Rex Ryan says Jets not actively trying to trade Revis

Andy Lyons

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan spoke to the media today -- a nice change of pace from the usual talk of John Idzik and Mark Dominik, I guess. Ryan is usually entertaining, but not so today. But he did drop this little 'bombshell' (or should I say 'posturing'?):

Of course, a few minutes later he said this.

So, which is it Rex? Do you know for a fact that the Jets are not "actively" (whatever that means) trying to trade Revis, or do you have nothing to do with trades? Never mind, I know the answer: this is John Idzik and Woody Johnson driving every move, and Ryan being left out of it. Because if you'd listened to Ryan in the past, you would know that he would never get rid of Revis.

It's amusing to me how out of the loop Ryan appears to be on this deal, but it's hardly surprising. Idzik is tearing the ship down, was brought in by Johnson (not Ryan), and the Jets are clearly gearing up for a rebuild. No coach ever wants to rebuild, especially not someone who's nearing the end of his contract and who is likely to be fired if he doesn't have a successful season. But that is what's happening, and it means that we really can't take anything Ryan says seriously.

Does this mean the Jets will or won't trade Revis? No. We can't say that definitively until it happens. But we do know that there have been serious talks, that the Jets certainly would be open to trading Revis, that it makes sense for them -- and that now they and the Buccaneers are negotiating through the media. If a trade doesn't happen by tomorrow, it may be off the table -- or it may simply take until the draft. We have no real way of knowing, and all we can do is speculate and make educated guesses. But I guess that's half the fun.