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Revis troubles, Panthers' cap woes, Elvis Dumervil still available: Daily Bucs Links

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Dustin Bradford

For Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Revis linked with Freeman |
I don't buy this.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Dominik stresses value of elite cornerbacks |
The kind of player who can transform your defense.

Bucs losing interest in Revis | ProFootballTalk
Leverage play.

With Blount on trading block, his future remains in doubt | Tampa Bay Times
He'll be traded eventually.

NFL free agent list: Elvis Dumervil, Andre Smith among best available players -
What's left? Not much.

Advanced NFL Stats: Win Probability Forfeited 2012
The Bucs could save themselves one game per season by being more aggressive.

Carolina Panthers' cap woes will last several years - ESPN
That's what happens when you give players at low-value positions huge deals with cap hits pushed into the future.

Random Revis Generator | The Tailgater
Random Revis Headlines.

Cosell’s Take: Seahawks set the tone for the new NFL in free agency | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Multiple and versatile. Not what the Bucs want to do.

NFL players furious about veteran salary cuts -
Interesting development.

NFL Debrief: Waiting for the next wave of free agency -
The cheap deals.

Could Ronde Barber play elsewhere? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
I hope not.

The Pulling Linemen: Free Agency So Far: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Goldson bad? Pffffff.

Bucs first-round pick is in play for Jets' Revis | Tampa Bay Times

Position Breakdown: Offensive Line | NFL Philosophy
What to look for.

Remaining NFL free agency questions -
Plenty of questions to ask and answer.

Elvis Dumervil, Darrelle Revis will have a hard time getting paid -
Revis won't, if someone trades for him. Like the Bucs. Hint hint.

Complete 2013 NFL Draft order with compensatory picks awarded -
Complete draft order.

Buccaneers Hesitant on Revis Deal " CBS Tampa
Good analysis here.

Big money for pass rushers goes up in smoke
Really weird, that.

Bucs intend to trade Blount | Tampa Bay Times
Not news.

Robert Kraft, Wes Welker's agents differ on split -
Interesting saga. Inside some NFL negotiations.

NFL free agency roundup: Compensatory picks announced, Fitzpatrick signs -
Collecting the stories.

NFL free agent list: Sebastian Vollmer, Elvis Dumervil among top names remaining -
Top free agents.

Dolphins, Cowboys to play NFL Hall of Fame Game -
Good for them.

Jake Long's St. Louis Rams deal adds to NFC West's impressive work in NFL free agency - NFL - Peter King -
MMQB always worth a read.

[Video] Players give $10,000 to Play60 Super School |
More community work.

Buccaneers Reward Super School with Special Visit |
Same story in text form.

Bucs Sign Crabtree, Bolster Tight End Corps |
Good depth.