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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Buccaneers willing to trade first-round pick


So far this offseason it seemed like the biggest issue standing in the way of a possible Buccaneers trade for Darrelle Revis was the Bucs' unwillingness to trade away their first-round pick. It seems that Mark Dominik is backing away from that stance, though, as he refused to rule out the use of a first-round pick, according to the Tampa Bay Times. "If we think it's in the best interest of the team, we will do something," Dominik said.

The question is whether the Buccaneers and Jets can negotiate a trade and how long that would take. Any such trade is likely to be complicated and involve multiple picks, not to mention that the Buccaneers would want to hash out contract terms with Revis' agents before trading for him.

It's clear that the Bucs value a shutdown cornerback, as Dominik called them "rare" and an "interesting community" to the Tampa Bay Times just days after noting that the Bucs were always on the lookout for "rare and unique" players. I'd say Revis qualifies for that kind of thing, don't you? in fact, Revis may be the only true shutdown cornerback in the NFL right now, although Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman are approaching that status as well.

With every report it seems like a trade for Revis is more and more likely. We can't say when it will be done, and the Tampa Bay Times thinks it may take several more weeks. I would look at the start of the draft as a relatively hard deadline in that regard, as the Bucs won't be able to use their 2013 picks in a trade once they've used them for rather obvious reasons. Still, the Jets and Bucs are clearly working toward one goal: moving Revis down the coast.