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NFL Draft Picks 2013: List of Buccaneers draft picks, compensatory picks announced

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The full NFL draft order has finally been announced, and the Buccaneers currently have eight draft picks. They received an extra draft pick from the New England Patriots in exchange for Aqib Talib at the trade deadline last season, while they received the Eagles' sixth-round pick in exchange for receiver Arrelious Benn and their own seventh-rounder.

The Bucs have no compensatory picks. Those draft picks are assigned based on the loss and addition of free agents in the previous year. Teams that lose more players than they add will receive more compensatory draft picks, while the round in which those draft picks fall is determined by the size of the contracts the departing free agents received from their new team. Having signed Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks and Eric Wright and a slew of other low-profile free agents while losing almost no one, the Bucs didn't stand much of a chance of receiving any compensatory picks.

Round Pick (overall)
1 13 (13)
2 11 (43)
3 11 (73)
4 15 (112 )
4 29 (126 ) from New England
5 14 (147)
6 13 (181)
6 28 (196) from Philadelphia

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