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Eric Wright has to restructure his contract to remain with the Buccaneers


Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times spoke with Mark Dominik today, and he had some interesting thoughts to share. Given the fact that we're all wondering about the team's problems at cornerback, we can start with that. Dominik essentially said that Eric Wright would probably be released, and his only chance at remaining with the team would be to accept a new contract. Whether the Bucs will even offer him a new contract will be determined after the owners' meeting, which ends on Wednesday.

Eric Wright's second-year guarantee was voided after a four-game PED suspension, meaning the Bucs can essentially cut him right now with no further cap penalties. At a hefty $7.75 million salary, they're almost sure to do that if he doesn't agree to a cheaper contract. Wright has no leverage whatsoever in this matter, but he is still clearly the Bucs' best cornerback. The Bucs are attempting to trade for Darrelle Revis, but it remains to be seen whether and when that deal will go through.

In a little more surprising news, he also noted that they'd look at Matt Hasselbeck as a possible backup to Josh Freeman. I'm not sure how he sees an old, weak-armed quarterback fitting into the Bucs' throw-deep offense, but there you have it. Not that the Bucs are likely to lend Hasselbeck, he has a list of suitors looking for old, over-the-hill West Coast quarterbacks, apparently.

Finally, Dominik noted that they would only deal Legarrette Blount for the right price, as they realize Doug Martin can't do everything. We'll see whether that turns out to be true, or whether he walks for peanuts like Arrelious Benn did.

Update: Hasselbeck is off the market. Guess that's that.