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Tom Crabtree contract: Buccaneers pay $1.6 million over two years

Joe Robbins

The latest contract details are in, via Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Well, that's not too expensive. Crabtree is a backup tight end and special teams player getting paid like a backup tight end and special teams player. Shocking, right? This does speak to what appears to be the Buccaneers' new philosophy: pay big, big money to a few elite players, and skimp on everyone else. Is that smart? I doubt it, but it's how they work.

To be fair, getting someone like Tom Crabtree for a low price is just fine. He's a solid backup with a little upside as a receiver and some special teams value. He's a good get, increasing competition on the team and giving the Bucs a few more options at a depleted position.

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