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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Buccaneers and Jets won't let $1 million bonus stop trade

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

In case you hadn't heard yet, Darrelle Revis is due a $1 million bonus today. For some reason, people seem to think that's significant. It isn't, though. For one simple reason: the Jets aren't trading Revis because they think he's due too much money this season or because they're in salary cap trouble. They want to trade him because they don't plan on extending him, and they don't want to let the best cornerback in football walk out the door for free. They're trying to trade him to get something out of an asset -- and that $1 million bonus plays no role.

That's what Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times hears, too. In fact, it's what every beat writer associated with the Jets or the Buccaneers has reported. It's just not a relevant issue. This also means that 4 pm today, when the bonus is due, is not a deadline in any sense of the word. The trade will go through before or after the bonus is paid.

Tomorrow the owners' meeting starts, where every front office and owner will be in one place. That's when the deal is most likely to be hashed out.

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