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Aqib Talib signs with Patriots on one-year, $5 million deal


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded Aqib Talib to the New England Patriots in the middle of the previous season for a fourth-round pick. Everyone expected the Patriots to then offer him a long-term contract: after all, why would you give up a fourth-round pick for an eight-game rental? Turns out that's exactly what they did, according to Albert Breer, but Talib declined to take that offer and went with a one-year, $5 million contract instead -- again, per Albert Breer.

Thus ends the tumultuous relationship between Aqib Talib and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not that there really was a chance that he'd return, but some fans still entertained the thought. Just like some fans will undoubtedly entertain the thought next season. It won't happen, though.

Talib was better known in Tampa for his off-field issues than his on-field play. With multiple arrests and incidents of violence, Talib was far from a choir boy. He wasn't all that on the field, either. While he had some amazing games and plays, there were just a few too many mistakes on his part. He's a good player and has the talent to be much better, but he also gets beat with slightly more regularity than you'd really expect out of a good player.

Talib took a one-year deal ostensibly to test the market again next season. The market for cornerbacks has been incredibly tough this season. We haven't seen any deals for more than $6 million per year, and we've seen cornerbacks snapped up on relatively small deals across the league. Part of that is simply a result of the fact that none of the cornerbacks out there were truly great. Regardless of the reason, though, it's interesting that the Buccaneers simply have not participated in the market for cornerbacks. It's part of