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2013 NFL Free Agency: Kevin Ogletree, Jonathan Casillas contract numbers


We finally have some details on the contracts for new Buccaneers Kevin Ogletree and Jonathan Casillas. It was initially reported that Casillas' deal was worth "up to" $3 million, but that turns out to be a bit of fiction. According to ESPN, he will make $1.4 million this season, with $200,000 in guaranteed money. Include some roster and workout bonuses in that guaranteed money and he will basically get $500,000 if he's cut before the season starts.

Kevin Ogletree, meanwhile, will make $750,000 in base salary this season, and $500,000 in roster and workout bonuses. Next season he'll make $1.35 million. It's not clear how much of that money is guaranteed, but I expect he won't have any guaranteed money in 2014.

Combined, the two take up $2.65 million in salary cap space this season. That's relative peanuts, and the Buccaneers still have around $31 million in space if they cut Eric Wright, depending on the details of Tom Crabtree's contract. Neither of these contracts is big enough for the Bucs to hang on to them if they turn out to be disappointments.