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Roy Miller signs with Jaguars, Buccaneers continue losing players

Kevin C. Cox

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost Michael Bennett to the Seattle Seahawks yesterday, and they have now lost Roy Miller to the Jacksonville Jaguars, per his agent. Miller emerged as a force in the run game last season, playing the tilted nose. The third-round pick in 2009 had struggled throughout most of his career, in part due to injuries, but seemed to have found his best position last year. Unfortunately, his value to the Buccaneers was limited. He does nothing as a pass-rusher, and the Bucs can find serviceable 4-3 nose tackles with few problems.

Of course, this does make finding those players a bit of a priority. The Bucs have Gary Gibson under contract, who is just a guy, and not much else beyond Gibson. Finding someone to pair with McCoy, preferably someone who can add something as a pass rusher, would be useful at this point. The draft is one option, but a few intriguing players are still available in free agency, most notably Terrance Knighton. Never mind, Knighton signed with the Broncos.