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Kevin Ogletree contract: $2.6 million over two years

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Buccaneers signed Kevin Ogletree as depth and competition yesterday, but details on his contract weren't available at the time. Well, they are now. According to Aaron Wilson, the contract is worth $2.6 million over two years. That's not too bad, and it would give the Buccaneers a cap hit of $1.3 million this season, assuming the money is distributed evenly between the two years.

Of course, the actual relevant question is how much of that money is guaranteed and/or a signing bonus. That we cannot know until, well, someone reports on it. Regardless, it should be clear that this contract isn't exactly going to break the Buccaneers' backs and lose them the ability to sign players.

With Jonathan Casillas' deal being worth "up to" $3 million, the Bucs probably have around $31 million in cap space if they release Eric Wright, whose guaranteed salary this season was just voided. More than enough to go after a big name player. Like, say, Darrelle Revis.