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NFL Free Agency 2013: Buccaneers keep DT Corvey Irvin


A minor note, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also re-signed defensive tackle Corvey Irvin. Hardly a surprise, as he was an exclusive rights free agent and comes at the league minimum salary with no guaranteed money. Irvin played 11 games last season and racked up three tackles. He didn't look bad, but he didn't look good, either. Mostly, he just looked like a guy.

He does have a little potential, though. He was a third-round pick for the Carolina Panthers in 2010. Maybe he'll develop a little. More likely he competes with Gary Gibson, Richard Clebert, Matthew Masifilo and any other defensive tackles the Bucs bring in. And he'll likely lose. This won't affect the decision to bring back Roy MIller, at least.