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Hypothetical Darrelle Revis trade terms with Gang Green Nation

Would you take this deal, if you were Mark Dominik?


I got to talking to Scott Salmon over at Gang Green Nation, our New York Jets site, and it took us all of five minutes to strike a deal for Darrelle Revis. Yes, we're that good. Please make us NFL general managers now. Or just give us their salaries. I could do that, too. Here's what we agreed to, all of it pending a physical, of course.

The Buccaneers:

Get the best cornerback in the NFL: Darrelle Revis.

The Jets:

Get the Buccaneers' 2013 third-round draft pick.

Get the Buccaneers' 2014 first-round draft pick.

Get Legarrette Blount.


Because Darrelle Revis is better than any two players you're going to get for those picks. Because I believe Revis is a shutdown cornerback who can transform the Buccaneers' defense. Because the Bucs can handle his massive salary. Because I think this compensation leaves the Bucs' with plenty of draft picks over the next two years.

What do you think? Would you accept this deal?

By the way, check out Gang Green Nation's version of the poll, too.