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NFL Free agency rumors: Michael Bennett visits Dolphins


According to Pro Football Talk, Michael Bennett is visiting the Miami Dolphins today. Generally speaking, teams almost always sign visiting free agents. That doesn't mean the Dolphins will land Bennett, though, as he did say that the Buccaneers will get the chance to match any offers. The question is whether the Bucs will do so.

The biggest free agent defensive end came off the market yesterday when Cliff Avril signed with the Seattle Seahawks -- but he received just a two-year, $12 million contract. That's something the Bucs could easily afford to keep Bennett. At the same time, you could argue that Bennett is better than Avril. He's a much better run defender, and not much worse as a pass rusher. He's a more complete player.

Will the Buccaneers let Bennett return? They'd like to have him back, at their own price. And with their planning on starting Clayborn and Bowers, that price won't be high. He could be a Dolphin by the end of the day.