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NFL Free agency 2013: Sean Smith signs with Chiefs

Mike Ehrmann

Well, the Buccaneers just lost some leverage in the trade talks with the New York Jets over Sean Smith. Free agent cornerback Sean Smith signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on a three-year deal, per Jason LaCanfora and apparently half of Twitter. I'm pretty sure his agent sent out some mass text. Smith was my favorite cornerback on the market: big, physical but a little inconsistent. With no real top talent at cornerback available, he was the best...around.

According to Pro Football Talk, Smith signed for $5 million per year, which is the same amount as Derek Cox. It's a little surprising that the Buccaneers didn't jump into the market at that price point, as they could have had Smith and Cox for a combined price of $10 million per year. Sean Smith got $18 million over three years, with $11 million guaranteed, per Jason Cole. Add Derek Cox at $5 million per year, and you're looking at two solid but not great starters for $11 million per year. Certainly not too much for two quality cornerbacks. Then again, this may speak to the Bucs' apparent new strategy in free agency: pay top dollar for top talent.

Regardless, this reduces the Bucs' leverage a little in their negotiations with the New York Jets for the services of Darrelle Revis. But there's still plenty of decent talent on the market: Keenan Lewis, Cary Williams and Brent Grimes are a few of the names that come to mind.