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NFL Free Agency 2013: Martellus Bennett signs with Chicago Bears


According to Mike Clay of NBC Rotoworld, Martellus Bennett will sign with the Chicago Bears tonight. Scratch that name off your list Buccaneers fan. The Bucs are reportedly interested in adding a tight end to their team and Bennett would have been a good fit as a quality blocker with some untapped potential as a receiver. With Bennett's brother Michael likely leaving the Buccaneers in free agency his signing with the Bucs became significantly less likely.

With Bennett off the market, most other tight ends are receivers more than blockers. The Buccaneers could be interested in players like Jared Cook and Fred Davis, although they're likely to shore up their secondary first. The Bucs have been linked with, among others, Darrelle Revis, Derek Cox, Dashon Goldson, Brent Grimes and several other defensive backs. Expect the Bucs to address the tight end position only after their secondary has been fixed -- and there's a chance the Bucs look to the draft to fill that hole, instead.