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NFL Free Agency 2013: Tony Gonzalez returns to Falcons

Kevin C. Cox

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Tony Gonzalez will return to the Atlanta Falcons this season. The contract details haven't been hashed out fully yet, but that appears to be just a matter of time. Did I just hear the souls of one thousand Buccaneers fans cry out in agony?

Every year I think Gonzalez is going to finally decline, and somehow he doesn't. I mean, he kind of has. He can't block anymore. He doesn't have much speed left. But he just manages to get open on these weird, sneaky routes just past the sticks. And he catches the ball even when he's covered. Waching him go against the Buccaneers' secondary over the years has been pure agony.

And now we get enjoy it for another year. Because the NFL gods just love us like that. Thanks, guys!