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NFL Trade Rumors: Mark Dominik gets recorded talking to Buddy Nix, wants to trade Jamon Meredith


Two guys pranked two general managers, and got to listen in to those GMs gossip about their teams. How great is that? Deadspin has all the details, but this is relevant for Buccaneers for one big reason: one of the general managers is Mark Dominik, and the other is Buddy Nix. You should just listen to the whole thing, but here are the most relevant nuggets.

The free agency period sucks

Mark Dominik can't get his own free agents signed because of the three-day signing period. Both Nix and Dominik think the period has upped the price on free agents. That would explain why he hasn't re-signed anyone: not Bennett, not Miller, not Biggers. Apparently they want to test the market. The key quote: "All it does is make us bid against ourselves."

Player trades

The Buccaneers have four players (!!!) they want to trade. We already knew about Arrelious Benn (see here) and Legarrette Blount (see here), where Dominik notes he's gotten some interest. He also names Jamon Meredith as a possible tradeable player, which makes sense: he was a capable starter last season, but obviously he's not beating out Carl Nicks or Davin Joseph.

The fourth player is a bit of a mystery. Dominik names "the kid, the cornerback" -- it's not at all clear who he means there. It could be Eric Wright, who's fighting the voiding of his contract guarantees, though I don't see why anyone would trade for that contract. Wright's a decent player, but that's a fairly hefty contract. It could be Leonard Johnson or Anthony Gaitor who have shown some flashes, but they aren't worth much on the market. It might be Myron Lewis, who has looked awful but was a third-round pick in 2010. Deadspin thinks it's E.J. Biggers, but that makes no sense: Biggers isn't even under contract.

They want to re-sign E.J. Biggers

At least, that's what it sounds like. There's a bit of the conversation missing there, but from the context it looks like the Bucs want to re-sign Biggers. The kink: Biggers wants to test the market. Or that's what it sounds like. If you head over to the Deadspin article you can hear it at around 2:20 in the video at the bottom of the page.

Here's the most relevant bit on player trades, but there's a lot more in the Deadspin article.