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NFL Free Agency 2013 Rumors: Buccaneers focused on Dashon Goldson, Brent Grimes


We started to hear rumblings about safeties and Dashon Goldson in particular over the past few days, but they appear to be becoming a lot more concrete. The Buccaneers appear poised to sign the All-Pro safety to pair him with last year's first-round pick Mark Barron. Goldson would be an ideal free safety, capable of manning the deep middle while allowing Mark Barron to roam around the line of scrimmage. He'd come at a hefty price, though, and will likely pull in around $40 million over five years, with around $20 million guaranteed -- more or less what Eric Weddle received two years ago.

The other name mentioned there by Roy Cummings is understandable, but much more risky. Brent Grimes is coming off an Achilles injury, and that is often a disastrous injury, especially so for cornerbacks. This is especially true for someone who relies as much on his ability to drive on the football as Grimes does. If he loses a bit of explosion he instantly becomes a significantly worse player, mostly because he lacks the ability to press receivers consistently.

Grimes is 29 and will be 30 once the season starts, which means the Bucs are unlikely to get to use him for very long. If the Buccaneers do sign Grimes, and it certainly is likely, I wouldn't expect the contract to be overly pricy. At a minimum, I would expect there to be an easy way out for the Buccaneers after two seasons.

Still, where the Buccaneers targeted Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson early in free agency last season it seems they're poised to sign Dashon Goldson and at least one and perhaps two starting cornerbacks once free agency starts. We'll see what happens when players are allowed to sign contracts at 4 p.m. today.