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NFL trade rumors 2013: Buccaneers shopping Arrelious Benn

Jeff Zelevansky

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trying to trade wide receiver Arrelious Benn to another team, so reports CBS Sports's Jason La Canfora. The 2010 second round draft pick has been widely considered to be a disappointment in Tampa, never posting more than 450 receiving yards in a season. Last season was especially disastrous for the wideout as he managed just four catches for 26 yards in 8 games, missing the rest of the season due to injury.

Benn was drafted out of Illinois as a raw but very talented player and has maintained that reputation in the NFL. He has flashed talent at times, but he's also struggled to pick up the playbook and learn how to function in the NFL. While he was still somewhat productive under former offensive coordinator Greg Olson, he didn't appear to be in Mike Sullivan's plans last season. The Bucs run a complicated offensive system with multiple sight adjustments, and that can be hard to learn -- and evidently was for Benn, given his sudden lack of production last season.

Still, the fact that the Buccaneers are trying to trade their talented receiver seems a little odd given the fact that they actually have a need for a third receiving threat behind Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. But Greg Schiano is continuing his purge of players who don't fit his system, I guess. Benn will now forever be remembered as the guy who was given many end-arounds, made many players miss, and still gained just 44 rushing yards on his career. Because Greg Olson has no clue what a successful end-around looks like.

On that note, where could the Bucs trade Benn? The Oakland Raiders, of course! Greg Olson is currently the offensive coordinator in Oakland and I"m sure he'd love to have Benn run some more pointless end-arounds. Another option would be the Washington Redskins. Bruce Allen loves to pick up former Buccaneers even when he didn't draft them, and Raheem Morris's presence there has only exacerbated that tendency. Finally, there's the Jets. With Blount on the trade block as well, there's the remote possibility the Bucs could put together a package for Darrelle Revis involving a swap of multiple players.

Don't expect much in return for Benn, though. With Anquan Boldin traded for just a sixth-round pick to the 49ers today, I wouldn't expect much more than a fifth-round pick for Benn, if that. Benn has promise, but he hasn't produced and he has suffered several injuries throughout his career. That doesn't make for a very attractive trade option. Benn would be the second second-round pick from the Mark Dominik era to leave the Bucs in this manner, after Brian Price was traded to the Chicago Bears for a seventh-round pick last season. That 2010 draft may have yielded the team Gerald McCoy and Mike Williams, it also had a few big busts.