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Eric Wright challenges voiding of guaranteed money


Eric Wright has challenged the voiding of his $7.75 million in guaranteed salary this season, according to Pro Football Talk. Per the terms of his contract Wright's salary was guaranteed for his first two seasons, but the second year of guarantees voided when he was suspended for violating the league's PED policy. That, at least, is what the Bucs think, but Wright has challenged the voiding of that guarantee.

Per Pro Football Talk, the dispute revolves around specific language in Wright's contract and whether or not that language allows the Bucs to void his guarantee. It would be pretty stupid if the Bucs put language in his contract for this eventuality, and yet it wasn't adequate.

If Wright wins, there's basically no way the Buccaneers get rid of him. They're not cutting a pretty decent cornerback when they still owe him $7.75 million in cash, and while he takes up the same amount in salary cap space. If Wright loses, he's likely a goner and the Bucs would probably sign two veteran cornerbacks in free agency rather than one. If he isn't cut, then Wright is almost assuredly taking a pay cut.