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Redskins release Deangelo Hall


The free agent defensive back group keeps getting deeper, although not with players the Buccaneers are likely to actually look at. Deangelo Hall has just been released by the Washington Redskins, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post. I can hear the cries of "SIGN HIM HE'S AWESOME" already from some Buccaneers fans. Sorry to disappoint you guys: it's not happening.

The Buccaneers want big, physical corners who are very good tacklers and can play press-man coverage. Meanwhile, Deangelo Hall is big, but lacks physicality, is best in off-man or zone coverage where he can jump routes -- oh, and he's a massive gambler who will give up a to of receptions in exchange for a few interceptions. And then he still gets just 4 interceptions per year. Yeah, he's been to a few Pro Bowls -- undeservedly so, I might add.

But this is still good for the Bucs for one simple reason: it drives up the competition among free agent cornerbacks, naturally driving down their price.

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