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Falcons release Dunta Robinson, John Abraham and Michael Turner

Kevin C. Cox

It's nearly the final day of franchise tagging players (which is Monday), and somehow that means it's release-every-old-expensive-guy-on-every-roster day, too. The Atlanta Falcons are leading the way, releasing John Abraham, Michael Turner and Dunta Robinson to create salary cap space this season. And, frankly, the Bucs should be interested to some extent in two of those players.

Dunta Robinson is most obvious player who could improve the Buccaneers. He's not a great player, and he's pretty old at 30 years old, but he's physical and experienced and could probably be signed for a cheap salary. He'd provide some solid competition at a position where the Bucs appear to think "competition" means "sift through garbage". He won't change the defense or anything, and he won't be a solution, but he can be a tiny, tiny piece of the puzzle.

John Abraham may be more intriguing. The guy's old, and every year I think he's pretty much done, but he was still a decent pass rush specialist last season with 10 sacks. If the Bucs want competition at every position, as they say they do, the 34-year-old could provide some competition for, again, not a lot of money. Heck, we could probably say the same about Michael Turner.

I'm not a fan of signing old guys. But if they come cheap and you can cut them before the regular season starts with no problems, they can at least provide some competition. I guess. Of course, there's always a downside. In this case it's Brent Grimes probably getting tagged. Ah well.

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