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NFL Strength of Schedule 2013: Buccaneers face middling schedule


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face a perfect middle of the road schedule in 2013, if we can go by last year's win-loss records to judge the schedule. Their opponents are a perfect .500: 127-127-2, which makes it the 17th most difficult schedule in the NFL. Of course, the schedule won't actually play out like that, and even a win-loss record doesn't really give you a good view of the difficulty of the schedule.

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A look at last year's schedule may be educational. They faced opponents with a combined record of 128-127-1, or a .502 record. That ranked 19th in the NFL, and they still managed just a 7-9 record. The variance in strength of schedule can be pretty large. The Panthers have the worst 203 schedule, facing a 138-116-2 schedule, while the Broncos have the easiest with 110-146-0. The New Orleans Saints have the third hardest schedule, while the Atlanta Falcons have the 15th hardest schedule.