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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Three Rounds of Buccaneers

A Mock Draft Of course, I have to do it DP style, one round is fine for some …but hey -- I love in depth. Of course 7 rounds might have given you guys eye exhaustion for the first article so I’m limiting it to three. A couple quick ground rules:

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

First off I’d like to thank Sander for extending me the privilege of being a writer here for Bucs Nation. Despite the fact that I love the NFL draft and love the talent evaluation process, I’m not usually a big “mock draft” guy. I prefer rating players into Tiers(groups of similar overall talent) and then position order. However, I do understand the appeal of Mock Drafts and being as they are Sander’s favorites…I figured I’d call this a bit of a thank you and do a mock draft.

1. This is not my order of player value, just where I think they may be drafted.

2. A few trades that appear in BOLD ITALICS but only when I couldn’t stomach the value positions not lining up with needs or felt strongly about a particular move.

3. Don’t freak out on some value position, right now (if you listen to all the Draftniks) 40 guys are sure first round picks, another 40 are second round picks, and 90 are 3rd round guys. Obviously with only 94 picks in the first three rounds many will be disappointed. (Plus someone has to fall)

4. Linebackers tend to get overmocked, particularly those in rounds 2&3. They almost always slide, especially in today’s pass happy NFL, most teams do not consider their 3rd linebacker a starter.

5. 32% of the players who played in this previous Super Bowl and 9 starters were selected after round 3 or were UDFA’s. So don’t forget that draft day 3 is just as important as the first two.

Caveats out of the way …here we go (In order of the spot each team will make it’s first selection)

Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M [Round 1(1)]

Round 2(34) Matt Barkley QB USC

Round 3(63) Quinton Patton WR LA Tech

SUMMARY: The Chiefs start off Andy Reid’s tenure as coach by grabbing a truly elite player without baggage. Brandon Albert has consistently underperformed at LT and even if he’s back he may shuffle to guard. Matt Barkley had a bad year for Matt Barkley standards, honestly though in terms of things pro scouts like to see (aside from arm strength) he was still the best QB in the country; perception is reality though and Barkley tumbles – that aside don’t be surprised if Andy Reid doesn’t sign a veteran and still trade back up into the first round. Quinton Patton brings a tremendous catching radius to any pro team he can stretch out and will make a fine possession receiver for any team that takes him.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Star Loutelei DT Utah [Round 1(2)]

Round 2 (33)Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB UCONN

Round 3 (64)Barrett Jones C Alabama

Summary: New GM David Caldwell takes over for one of the worst GM’s this century. The previous GM Gene Smith made a serious of reach picks, baffling free agent signings, and questionable talent evaluations that were widely criticized at the time and deservedly so. Caldwell inherits a roster so devoid of talent he could literally set his BPA board; get hammered on whatever alcohol is in his desk(and if he looks at his roster he will need it) and just turn in the top player every round. In the first round Star could step up for the highly inconsistent and injured Knighton. New Head Coach Gus Bradley would then build his defense from the nose out. With the first pick in 2nd round a CB of Wreh-Wilson’s caliber would go a long way and he fits right into the plans of Bradley. Barrett Jones would bolster a weak Jaguars offensive line as Brad Meester has seen better days.

Oakland Raiders: Dee Milliner CB Alabama [Round 1(3)]

Round 3(66) Alex Okafor DE Texas

SUMMARY: Oakland’s CB situation is a mess, they are also some 4 million over the cap so help is not arriving via free agency. Oakland may commit a minor reach here but they have done that before and grabbing a big physical corner like Milliner makes a good deal of sense for them. Alex Okafor has some upside but he has yet to put it all together in one complete package.

Philadelphia Eagles: Geno Smith QB W. Virginia [Round 1(4)]

Round 2(35) John Jenkins NT Georgia

Round 3(67) Phillip Thomas S Fresno St.

SUMMARY: Much ado about Michael Vick and Nick Foles, but I think Chip Kelly will be looking for his guy. Smith is raw and I have real concerns about his accuracy on intermediate passes but Kelly wants someone whose judgment he trusts. I’ve been inching Smith up my board based on some re-evaluation of him and I think he could be the guy for Kelly if he passes in person interview. John Jenkins held up well in the Senior Bowl and is much higher on my board than most. Pairing him with last years first round pick Fletcher Cox could shore up the middle of the Eagles D. Phillip Thomas has unique athletic abilities but a raw game overall, he’s likely to slip a little with the overall depth at safety, but could develop into a quality safety if properly developed.

Detroit Lions: Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M [Round 1(5)]

Round 2(36) Logan Ryan CB Rutgers

Round 3(65) Brian Winters OG Kent State

SUMMARY: Bye Bye Cliff Avril, hello Damontre Moore. Moore was disruptive all season long at Texas A&M and shifted from position to position along their line. Detroit right now is up against the cap so retaining Avril is probably a bridge too far for them, Moore provides double digit sack potential and high character; the Lions could use character. Logan Ryan is likely to attract some serious early second round attention and he’s likely to appeal to Martin Mayhew whose game was similar to Ryan’s. Winters is a steady hand who is going to be above average in all offensive guard skills and should be a solid starter in the NFL for a number of years.

Cleveland Browns: Chance Warmack OG Alabama [Round 1(6)]

Round 3(68)Gavin Escobar TE San Diego St.

SUMMARY: The Browns have quite a few needs, surprise surprise, and 48 million in cap space. They will address quite a few of those needs in free agency but I think their need at left guard can be safely filled here. Warmack and Thomas on the left side would give the Browns an impressive set of road graders. Escobar brings pretty unique length, he’s no Antonio Gates but Norv Turner almost always needs a TE and Cleveland doesn’t really have one.

Arizona Cardinals: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia [Round 1(7)]

Round 2(38)Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

Round 3(69)Dallas Thomas OT-OG Tennessee

SUMMARY: The best pure pass rusher in this draft, I could make a case for Jones going #1 overall pretty easily. That said he does have a medical condition that will cause some teams to take him off their board entirely. QB is a popular spot to mock here in round 1 – the Cardinals are screaming for one, but Bruce Arians is a smart guy and there is not a QB in this draft that fits what he wants to do offensively (at least without serious development) my guess the Cardinals sign Jason Campbell as insurance and give Kolb a chance to stay healthy. Signing Campbell, paying Kolb, and bringing in Landry Jones would let Arians run off an old saying “if you can’t tie a knot, tie it a lot” Jones will need a year to cook having only played out of the gun at Oklahoma. Arians will hope one of three claims the job or take a crack at one of the QB’s next season. Dallas Thomas is a versatile young lineman that Arizona could really use going forward.

Buffalo Bills : Mike Glennon QB NC St. [Round 1 (8)]

Round 2(41)DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson

Round 3(71)Kwame Geathers NT Georgia

SUMMARY: Now that Gene Smith was fired, Buddy Nix can officially stake his claim to being the biggest Draft Day Dunskie who serves as an NFL GM. Nix loves telegraphing things and back in November he claimed this was the year to strike and go get a franchise QB. Glennon may end up being that, but don’t count out Ryan Nassib either, Nix has no problem reaching and his first pick is all but guaranteed to be a QB. Hopkins is everything WR Stevie Johnson is not, Hopkins is a make the catch make a move guy who could be a really good compliment to Johnson. If Nix can manage to follow the pattern of other successful GM’s who draft a rookie QB then pile up weapons around him, Hopkins and Glennon could be a smooth combo. The Bills are considering going back to a 34 or at least looking at hybrid sets, Geathers won’t get much push upfield, but at 350lbs, he’s likely to eat up plenty of space in the middle.

Miami Dolphins: Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan [Round 1 (9) from NY Jets for 4th RND selection]

Round 2 (42)Terrance Williams WR Baylor

Round 2 (54) Jordan Reed TE Florida

Round 3 (77) Larry Worford OG Kentucky

Round 3 (82) Zach Line FB SMU

SUMMARY: With 5 Picks in the first 3 rounds we could see the Dolphins move around. Jake Long is scheduled to be a free agent and the Dolphins are considering whether his injury history makes him worth the money. With San Diego lurking ahead of them at spot 11 and desperately needing LT the only sure fire LT is Fisher (I profiled him earlier for Bucs Nation if you want to know more about him). Terrance Williams is probably the worst route runner and best deep ball WR in this draft. Miami doesn’t have anything close to a deep threat, Williams makes sense as the early second round run on WR’s continues. Jordan Reed would add yet another weapon for the Dolphins and I expect them with one of their 5 early picks to grab a starting TE they can use. Worford is a talented road grader and could continue a Dolphins streak of adding offensive players. Line could serve as a change of pace back, H-Back, and 3rd Down back in Miami while also providing some lead blocking.

Tennessee Titans: Bjorn Warner DE Florida St. [Round 1 (10)]

Round 2(40) Travis Fredrick C Wisconsin

Round 3(70)Baccari Rambo SS Georgia

SUMMARY: Derrick Morgan finally had a good season this past year but it was far from great, Warner is highly unlikely to fall out of the top 10 and provides much better pass rushing ability than Morgan. Travis Fredrick is one of two centers in this draft ready to be a starter on day one, Fredrick at Center would allow the Titans to move Fernando Velasco over to guard and solidify that offensive line that Chris Johnson has been harping on for two years. Rambo was up and down this season, he could have been a first rounder with a solid senior season, it didn’t happen. Rambo is a bit more of an in the box guy but he’s better than anyone in the Titans secondary.

San Diego Chargers: Lance Johnson OT Oklahoma [Round 1(11)]

Round 2(45) Eddie Lacey RB Alabama

Round 3 (76)Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois

SUMMARY: Lance Johnson at 11 would be a bit of a reach, he’s gone from being a solid 2nd round guy to a first round type by having a great Senior Bowl week. If he maintains momentum through the combine he could end up this high, particularly with the Chargers wanting to move on from Jared Gaither and Mike McCoy knowing what a great LT like Ryan Clady can mean to your offense. Eddie Lacey is not my #2 RB, former GM A.J. Smith picked Ryan Matthews and new GM Tom Telesco owes him no debt of loyalty. Lacey is a powerful straight line runner and would help San Diego develop a more reliable run game. Terry Hawthorne is rising fast on draft boards, not just for post season workouts but for game tape and is meriting a spot in a higher tier among the CB’s.

New York Jets: Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia [Round 1 (12) from Miami after a trade back]

Round 2(39) Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

Round 3(72) Kenjon Barner RB Oregon

SUMMARY: New General Manager John Idzik is looking long term, Rex Ryan needs to win now. Vastly over the cap Calvin Pace and Bart Scott likely will not be back, and while I’m sure Idzik would like to start on the offensive side of the ball none of the offensive skill players merit a selection at this point. Ogletree would be a perfect scheme fit for Ryan , fill an immediate need, and be flexible enough to move positions if a different scheme gets employed next year. Grabbing a WR in round 2 would seem to make sense for the Jets, no WR is worth a high first round pick but the Jets ran out of WRs last season and Hunter would add length and ability. Barner comes with break away speed and could be a nice home run hitter, it will be more of a need should Greene move on.

New York Giants: Manti Te'o MLB Notre Dame [Round 1 (13) from Tampa Bay for 1st and 3rd round picks]

Round 2 (49)Kasheem Greene OLB Rutgers

Round 3(19)

SUMMARY: With the hubbub regarding Te'o it’s going to take someone awfully smart to take him off the board. GM Jerry Reese is just that, a smart guy. Talk all you want about Te'o having a sub-par title game(along with the rest of Notre Dame) or fantasy girlfriends or the level of competition (similar criticism to Brian Urlacher coming out of New Mexico). You are talking about a guy who, barring injury, is going to be your starting MLB for 10-15 seasons, play in 7 or 8 Pro Bowls, and take a run at defensive player of the year for one or two seasons. He’s got too much range, intelligence (on the football field) , instincts, technique, and dedication. The Giants have not had an impact linebacker in an eon now they get one for the next decade. Following up with Kasheem Greene and overnight the Giants would go from having a serious ho-hum set of linebackers to one of the better ones in the NFL (at least after the rookie struggles are over). Greene has the sort of range and coverage ability that if properly developed can make him an every down weakside linebacker.

Carolina Panthers: Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri [Round 1(14)]

Round 2(44) Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St.

SUMMARY: After getting the defensive rookie of the year in overlooked Luke Kuechly the Panthers follow that up with a quality undertackle who can make plays in the offensive backfield. Once laughable, back to back hits in the first round and their defense starts to get much better. I don’t think Rhodes is a first round CB, his instincts in coverage appear a step below average and his hips are a tad tight, he does have exceptional closing ability though and great length. Without clear cut starters at CB the Panthers will try to come away with one early and have only two picks to do so in.

New Orleans Saints: Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB LSU [Round 1(15)]

Round 3(75) Ricky Wagner OT Wisconisn

SUMMARY: Mingo has been up and down but clearly has the ability to rush the passer. With the Saints shifting to a 3-4 set, finding an outside pass rushing stand up linebacker would seem essential. Ricky Wagner will provide a good option at either tackle spot should Jermon Bushrod leave or go down to injury.

St. Louis Rams: Kenny Vaccaro FS/SS Texas [Round 1(16)]

Round 1(22)Keenan Allen WR CAL

Round 2(46)Eric Reid FS LSU

Round 3(78) Morgan Moses OT Virginia

SUMMARY: Vaccaro has range and takes quality consistent angles, current safeties Craig Dahl and Quinton Mikell are stop gap options at best. The Ram’s could use a #1 WR here, but this draft is devoid of those so they pull in a sure fire top notch safety at 16. Having pick 22, just a few spots later, they grab a top available WR (there is no clear cut #1 starter and many will have the top 3 ordered in all sorts of different ways but I think Allen fits Jeff Fisher’s idea of a starting WR best). Eric Reid takes some very inconsistent angles in the secondary but he does bring great range and ball skills, double dipping at safety would allow the Rams to go from one of the worst safety combo’s to one of the best overnight. Morgan Moses of Virginia could represent an upgrade at RT over an aging Barry Richardson.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Dion Jordan OLB/DE Oregon [Round1(17]

Round 2(48) Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

Round 3(79) Will Davis CB Utah St.

SUMMARY: 10 million over the salary cap and aging quickly, the Steelers decline may continue for quite some time. At only 240lbs Jordan needs to bulk up even to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Jordan has incredible length at just a hair under 6’7” and could easily fill a pass rush specialist role from day one. Rashard Mendenhall never came back from his ACL tear, Isaac Redman had his moments but Montee Ball is a workhorse , he was at Wisconsin and he just “looks” like a Steeler. Will Davis has a plain name and seems to be the CB no one is talking about but scouts will love him starting at about round 3.

Dallas Cowboys: Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina [Round 1(18)]

Round 2(47)Oday Aboushi OT Virginia

Round 3(80) Stedmon Baily WR W. Virginia

SUMMARY: Monte Kiffin may keep the Cowboys base defensive set for now but he and Rod Marinelli will want to incorporate some of their defensive philosophy. They cannot do that without some larger agile men on the D-line. Jerry Jones still controls their draft fate but he usually gives the new coach (and he obviously wanted Kiffin) a free first wish. At 18 million projected over the cap the Cowboys are going to have some cap casualties; Doug Free could be one of them. He’s aging and coming off a bad season the large enough to be a Cowboy so Aboushi could fit in nicely. Stedmon Baily might not be a huge need for Dallas but Austin maybe headed elsewhere, Baily can work the slot while filling in on the outside when called upon.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jonthan Banks CB Miss St. [Round 1(19) – from NYG for 1st and 3rd pick]

Round 2(43) Kwann Short DT Purdue

Round 3(73) Brennan Williams OT North Carolina

Round 3(81) B.W. Webb William&Mary

SUMMARY: I trust Pat Yasinkas’s sources at one Buc Place. He reported the gossip that they were looking at Milliner and Banks (trading up or down) and that a significant amount of people felt Banks was the way to go. That’s a possibility although Mark Dominik is very good at faking people out till the last minute, so who knows. Personally for the reasons given above I would take Te'o, Jones, or Joeckel if by some miracle any of them were there. I just don’t pass on guys of that level. However Banks would be a good addition, he’s long and athletic with really quality instincts. He will need to get better in bump and run coverage but so do most rookies. I seriously did not set up the Kawann Short fall, there are just too many good defensive tackles on the board and two or three of the ones in the first round conversation will fall into the early-mid part of the second round. I limited trades in this mock to round 1, but I could see teams moving up in round two to snare whichever ones fall. Brennan Williams is a mammoth right tackle only who is an old school road grader. For years the NFL has been yelling “don’t kick it to Hester”. For the past 2 seasons in FCS they’ve been yelling “don’t kick it to Webb”. Webb’s a high ceiling, low floor player, he has the instincts to develop into a top-notch corner but even if you miss you get a top 5 PR and top 10 KR.

Chicago Bears: Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina [Round 1(20)]

Round 2(50) Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati

SUMMARY: Everyone seems to think MLB to replace Urlacher, but don’t forget Tresman is an offensive guru and one look at that Chicago offensive line could put him prozac. They would probably prefer a left tackle, but the elites are gone and they still don’t have a large crop of early selections to move up with. Kelce still needs work playing inline as a tight end his blocking technique will need to be coached up (he’s better at it in space) but he has a long stride and very soft hands, he would make an excellent addition to the Bears who have been looking for a TE since Greg Olson was traded.

Cincinnati Bengals: D.J. Fulker OT Alabama [Round 1(21)]

Round 2(37) Giovani Bernard RB North Carolina

Round 2(53) Corey Lamonier DE Auburn

Round 3(84) Brandon Jenkins OLB Florida St.

SUMMARY: Inconsistent player this season, Fulker didn’t start out stellar this year but finished strong; which was the opposite of the previous year. The Bengals have shown they have no problem taking an inconsistent player if it’s worth the risk. Fulker is probably too slow footed to be a left tackle, but could handle either guard position or right tackle with ease. Bernard is a versatile factor back who would represent a younger improved Ben Jarvis Green Eliis and could contribute quickly. Lamonier is underrated in my opinion but will probably be pushed down by more elite pass rushers. For Bucs fans the player he reminds me of is Michael Bennett; sound against the run and very slippery in pass rush situations. Brandon Jenkins turned in a very solid Senior Bowl week and did more than anyone else there to solidify being a second day selection.

Minnesota Vikings: Cordarelle Patterson WR Tennessee [Round 1(23)]

Round 2(52): Jessie Williams NT Alabama

Round 3(83): Arthur Brown LB Kansas St.

SUMMARY: The Vikings are in pretty dire straits and need an outside WR who can fight for the ball. Patterson's draft stock comes down to how well he performs at the combine, strong hands he has and just as importantly he has the size to play outside which is something the Vikings desperately need. I have my doubts about Williams but Leslie Frazier has always preferred a bigger nose tackle in his version of the 43 and Williams is nothing if not big. The undersized Brown could provide range to a Vikings linebacker corps that’s not able to work sideline to sideline.

Indianapolis Colts: Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU [Round 1(24)]

Round 3(86): Kyle Long OG Oregon

SUMMARY: Ansah has a ton of raw talent, but it’s raw and he looked overmatched technique wise in practice at the Senior Bowl. The Colts had a much better season in part thanks to Chuck Strong and Andrew Luck, but more development is needed Ansah can develop with them. Two pretty decent tackles in Indy, a passible center but the guard play was really bad, Kyle Long works well in space not a road grader but can hold his own.

Seattle Seahawks: Shariff Floyd DT Florida [Round 1(25)]

Round 2(56): Robert Woods WR USC

Round 3(87): Dion Sims TE Michigan St.

SUMMARY: Pete Caroll is actively talking up pass rushers and a player like Floyd who started at both end and tackle at Florida could excel as an every down player for the Seahawks. Floyd has been surging up draft boards recently, I don’t think it’s warranted as I still see Floyd as a mid-late second round guy but the Seahawks don’t care about value and take whomever they want. Pete Carroll has not been drafting his own USC guys, but Woods could easily be an exception worth making, he’s underrated IMO and could upgrade a very marginal Seattle WR corp. Dion Sims looks like a small offensive tackle but moves like a TE, if he can bring it together and learn to catch with his hands he could be a really unique talent.

Green Bay Packers: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame [Round 1(26)]

Round 2(55): David Amerson CB/S NC St.

Round 3(88): Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern State

SUMMARY: Jermichael Finley has probably seen his last days as a Packer after an inconsistent-injury filled season. Eifert is the best fit for Green Bay’s offense to come out in the last few years, I’m betting Ted Thompson knows that – don’t be surprised if he doesn’t trade up to take Eifert who can work on the line or in the slot. Amerson is a bit of a tweener with great length and athletic ability but does not seem to play either CB or S with great instincts; he’ll need coaching but can make an impact down the road. With Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews looking for big money deals next off-season this could be B.J. Raji’s final year in Green Bay. Expect the Packers to find someone who may seem like a suitable replacement, I love Brandon Williams he has big league physical skills and a high motor he’s likely to make some team very happy.

Houston Texans : Tavon Austin WR/KR W. Virginia [Round 1(27)]

Round 2(57) Kevin Reddick ILB N. Carolina

Round 3(89) Duke Williams S Nevada

SUMMARY: Houston seems to be missing that critical factor to get over the hump, with 12 million in cap space they can add some people. Tavon Austin is looking like a high second round pick but towards the back end of the first round someone like Tavon brings a certain X factor as a slot receiver and return man. Austin could be the X factor Houston needs, Andre Johnson can hold down the outside for at least one more year, Austin could add a vertical aspect in the passing game that could make a critical difference for them. Reddick would be a nice addition for a team that tried just about everyone at ILB after Cushing went down, Cushing will be back but he could use a running mate. Safety is not exactly Houston's most pressing need but Williams brings scheme versatility and Glover Quinn might be headed out the door.

Denver Broncos: Kevin Minter MLB LSU [Round 1(28)]

Round 2(58) Desmond Trufant CB Washington

Round 3(90) Datone Jones DE UCLA

SUMMARY: The Broncos have only 37 year old Keith Brooking at MLB and a stud like Minter doesn’t usually last until the end of round 1. In most years, Minter would be the top inside linebacker or at least a strong number 2 , this year he should round out behind Ogletree and Te'o for a whopper of an interior linebacker draft. Trufant is raw but has plenty of physical talent, Champ Baily can’t play forever can he? Trufant will be at worst a very good nickel corner and has upside to develop into a #1 , he has not gotten that level of coaching yet a quality organization like Denver could get him there. High motor Datone Jones was once a clear day 3 pick, not so anymore.

New England Patriots: Sam Montgomery DE/OLB LSU [Round 1(29)]

Round 2(59) Khaled Holmes C USC

Round 3(91) Xavier Nixon OT FSU

SUMMARY: Montgomery is a guy with a great deal of production and you know pretty much what you are getting, a high motor guy who is good –but not great - at rushing the passer and will provide above adequate run support. He is also a player with a low ceiling so he may not have that much more room to develop. Khaled Holmes is really truly underrated, USC’s offense struggled so mightily when he was gone, he is a better pass blocker than a run blocker and would be a big upgrade over Ryan Wendell. Xavier Nixon is a super raw OT, the former boxer is making progress and is the kind of player Belichick would love to develop.

Atlanta Falcons: Zach Ertz TE Stanford [Round 1(30)]

Round 2(60)Mike Gillislee RB Florida

Round 3(92) William Gholston Michigan St.

SUMMARY: I bet the Falcons are still kicking themselves for coming up 17 minutes short of the SuperBowl. They are still the class of the NFC South at the moment though but will need to replace a retiring Tony Gonzalez, Ertz provides better blocking. Gillislee should start sneaking up draft boards following the combine, he’s going to need to show some better single cut ability and more decisiveness picking holes but has a high upside. Big William Gholston simply needs to find some motivation; the physical tools are there the consistency is not.

San Francisco 49ers: Johnathan Hankins NT Ohio St. [Round 1(31)]

Round 2(61) Jordan Poyer CB Oregon St.

Round 3(74) Margus Hunt DE SMU

Round 3(93) Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse

SUMMARY: The 49ers may clap for Harbaugh and Kapernick, but they should not forget the great personnel work of Singeltary and Nolan who helped guide Tom Gamble towards some of their best players. Last year’s pick of A.J. Jenkins was a bust – highly criticized at the time it holds up. Hankins is falling fast as a stone mostly because of inactivity, he made a mistake not taking part in post-season activities and the rumor mill swirls that he may now be overweight- not a good combo. Poyer may or may not develop into a permanent starting CB, but he’s clearly going to have an instant impact in at least nickel situations and could develop into a quality starter. Margus is having an uptick in the early post season but is likely to come down a bit, still another defensive line option. Bye bye Alex Smith, hello Kapernick's new backup with Ryan Nassib.

Baltimore Ravens: Matt Elam FS Florida [Round 1(32)]

Round 2(62) Justin Pugh OT Syracuse

Round 3(94) Ray Graham RB Pittsburgh

SUMMARY: Polish that Super Bowl trophy but it’s likely to be a long fall for the Ravens; they have multiple free agents and Joe Flacco is getting ready to break the bank. Ray Lewis’s retirement saved them some cash but Ed Reed appears headed on his way out and Matt Elam, a tough physical defender, maybe an ideal fit. Pugh is a developmental LT prospect who may not be ready to go from day one but has a high upside and could be developed. Ray Graham was not 100% at any time this season but he screams 3rd down running back at the next level and sooner or later they have to watch Ray Rice’s total carries.

Washington Redskins: Tony Jefferson FS Oklahoma [Round 2(51)]

Round 3(85) Ryan Otten TE San Jose St.

SUMMARY: No first round pick due to the RGIII trade but the Redskins still come away with an instant starter in Tony Jefferson who would be faring better in an average safety class. Jefferson has a diverse skill set is solid (but not exceptionally rangy) in coverage and will be a solid last man on defense. It’s possible Fred Davis may not return and Ryan Otten is the sort of soft handed TE that Shanahan could do quite a bit with.