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Skin Deep: The story of Doug Williams


Doug Williams should have been an iconic figure in the Tampa Bay era. He was the team's first first-round quarterback, when they selected him out of Grambling State in 1978. He was the first quarterback to see extended success in Tampa, helping the team win their first playoff games and reaching the NFC Championship game in 1979. He was tremendously gifted, with a rocket for an arm and he performed at a high level year after year. Don't let his low completion percentage fool you: he was a classic deep-ball quarterback, and instead of taking sacks he managed to throw the ball away more often than not.

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Unfortunately, Doug Williams' tenure in Tampa was short. Instead of leading the Bucs to the Super Bowl, he became just another footnote during the abysmal Hugh Culverhouse era. The Bucs' stingy owner refused to give him a contract remotely befitting his status, and Williams left for the USFL in 1983. He would be vindicated five years later, when he won the Super Bowl as the Washington Redskins' starting quarterback, producing one of the most dominant performances a quarterback has ever had in a Super Bowl. now has a great documentary called 'Skin Deep on Doug Williams' journey as an NFL player. It appears to be narrated by the inimitable Keith David, and we see several big names from Bucs history drop by. Ken Herock, one time Director of Personnel, makes an appearance, as does Rich McKay -- son of head coach John McKay and later NFL executive. It's a great look at the history of Doug Williams, and it shows a lot of really interesting notes on Bucs history. Basically, this is a bit of history you really should watch, as a Bucs fan. It should also remind you that at some point, Williams really should enter the team's Ring of Honor. But given the fact that they last parted on less than amicable terms, that may take a while.

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