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NFL Free Agency 2013: Buccaneers can release Eric Wright, Quincy Black now

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot of cap room, some $30 million in cap space to be precise, but they would undoubtedly love to have more as they plan on spending all that cash somewhere. To create more cap space, they need to release players -- and two players on the roster are easy targets: Eric Wright and Quincy Black, who combined take up some $13.5 million in 2013 cap space -- over 10% of the nominal salary cap. That's pretty ridiculous.

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As of yesterday, the Buccaneers can now release those players. The question isn't really if they're going to cut them, but when. Eric Wright is overpaid, but not by a huge amount. The trouble is that the cornerback managed to snag himself a four-week suspension, was constantly battling small injuries and wasn't even active the final game of the season -- supposedly to protect the Bucs from some injury liabilities. In fact, several reports have suggested that Eric Wright will be cut -- although media reports have become a lot less reliable since Schiano took over.

Quincy Black's case is a little more sad. He was signed to a big contract in 2011 on the basis of his athletic promise and flashing some impressive skills as a solid two-down starters. Unforutunately, injuries have limited him and he continued to look like just a two-down starters -- which makes him massively overpaid. He's not a bad player, just limited. He's also injured, and it's questionable whether he'll ever be capable returning to football. All of this means that Black will either be released, or be forced to accept an extremely hefty pay cut.

Regardless, with the Bucs' roster unfrozen as the waiver period began on Tuesday, the team can now actually make those moves. They have no need to make them now: they can simply do so at any point before the regular season starts, or when they're about to go over the cap because of free agent additions. But they will more likely than not move on from those players at some point this year.

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