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Josh Freeman pretends to be Michael Jackson


Josh Freeman has received plenty of criticism this past season for being inconsistent and inaccurate. He's now entering the final year of his contract and it isn't exactly clear whether he'll be the Buccaneers' quarterback in the long term. But as long as the offseason wears on, we don't have much to talk about regarding Freeman. There's no new information, no new plays to analyze.

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But there are always new media events. Remember Mark Sanchez's weird GQ shoots? Josh Freeman is joining him in doing odd photo shoots. Apparently ESPN has been doing something with athletes recreating famous album covers. Josh Freeman was chosen to do Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Which, have to see the result to believe it, so just follow this link. There's even a video:

At least we know one thing: he makes for a pretty good Michael Jackson look-a-like.

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