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Quincy Black Injury: Has he played his last game?


Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik talked to Rick Stroud about strongside linebacker Quincy Black's recovery from surgery. Black suffered an injury in November and hasn't recovered from it yet. It is apparently a rather severe nerve injury, severe enough to maybe end his career. Stroud took to Twitter to let us know what Dominik told him.

In short: it seems likely Quincy Black's days are numbered with the Buccaneers. This leaves a minor hole at strongside linebacker, which the Bucs can adequately fill with Adam Hayward or Dekoda Watson. One alternative would be moving middle linebacker Mason Foster to the outside, and finding a different middle linebacker who works better in coverage.

This is all rather unfortunate. Although Quincy Black was overpaid the past two seasons and certainly did not play well, it's never good to see someone's career end because of an injury. Even more so when it's a nerve injury that could have severe long-term consequences. Hopefully Black recovers for his own sake, whether he plays football again or not.

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