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Super Bowl 2013: Predict the score!

Mike Ehrmann

The Super Bowl happens tomorrow. The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will face off in a battle of the titans. Or, at least, the pretty good teams -- they somehow don't feel as imposing as some teams in the recent past. But these are still two very good, balanced teams who are likely to produce an excellent game. Almost every playoff game this season has been outstanding, and we've seen some ridiculous nailbiters.

If I have to choose between these two teams, both teams with excellent defenses and decent offenses, I'm going to have to go with the Baltimore Ravens. They're far from perfect, and the middle of their defense is especially vulnerable, but they have a bunch of really big advantages. First, their quarterback is a lot more experienced. Second, their defensive line is healthy. They have Haloti Ngata, while the 49ers have Justin Smith -- but not a healthy one, and that makes a big difference. The 49ers are good, and this is a close call, but I think the Ravens will pull it out in the end by a field goal. Ravnes 23, 49ers 20.

So, who do you think will win, the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens? Will Joe Flacco find his groove, or will the 49ers stifle that offense? Can second-year phenom Colin Kaepernick continue his outstanding ride? Let us know!

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