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Warren Sapp's Hall of Fame chances, Super Bowl notes: Links

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Is Warren Sapp a first-ballot Hall of Famer? That's no simple question | & Tampa Bay Times
It looks like a simple question.

Three Super Bowl thoughts - Tampa Bay Times
Just three?

Goodell: Safety everyone's role - Tampa Bay Times

Voter: Performance all that matters in Pro Football Hall of Fame |
I'd hope so.

Football: The Kotaku Review
Hah, football as a video game.

Super Bowl 2013: Ray Lewis, neither sinner nor saint -
Good stuff on Ray Lewis.

Who Is America's Favorite NFL Team? Facebook Data Offer A Clear Winner.
Not the Bucs, of course. | Bill Cowher Talks To Joe - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Some thoughts on Freeman.

Doug Martin: 'Muscle Hamster has to stop' - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Tough luck, you're stuck with it.

The All-22: San Francisco’s complex offense is about far more than a running quarterback | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Super Bowl notes.

The Harbaughs explain their unique biological condition. | : Mike Tanier Article

Vincent Jackson gives back to military families | Fox Sports Florida