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Franchise tag for Buccaneers a "toss-up" between Trueblood and Bennett, claims Mike Florio




*deep breath*


I'm sorry. It appears I can't stop laughing. Mostly because this is what Mike Florio wrote over at Pro Football Talk.

The Bucs plans to spend on keeping their own guys. When it comes to using the tag, it's a toss-up between tackle Jeremy Trueblood and defensive end Michael Bennett, or neither.

A toss-up? A TOSS-UP? I don't even get how Trueblood ever entered this discussion in the first place, but the suggestion that he is of equal value to Michael Bennett is even more ludicrous. On the one hand, we have an old, slow-footed right tackle who has been the worst player on the Buccaneers' offensive line for years on end and who was benched for extended periods of time twice in the past three years. That includes last season, when he started the opener and then didn't get on the field again because he simply isn't good enough. Let's not forget that he ended the season on injured reserve, too.

Then on the other hand, there's a relatively young defensive end who has gotten better each season and was a key cog in the NFL's leading run defense. Incidentally, that defensive end led his team in sacks. Oh, and he actually, you know, started games.

In what universe would this even remotely resemble a toss-up?

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