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Charles Woodson released by Packers, should Buccaneers be interested?


The cap cuts are streaming in, and the first to go are always the old, over-the-hill veterans. One of these old, over-the-hill veterans is Charles Woodson, who will reportedly be cut -- according to Ian Rapaport and Adam Schefter, at least. There's a name some Buccaneers fan are undoubtedly going to be interested in. After all, he was supposed to be the defensive leader that helped the Green Bay Packers win a Super Bowl a few seasons ago, right?

The fact that I've now called him old and over the hill twice in three sentences should give you a hint as to my view on Woodson. He's old and over the hill. He was moved to safety last season, like Ronde Barber, although Woodson took on an in-the-box role. Unlike Barber, Woodson was kind of awful in that role, has been declining rapidly in recent years and just missed most of the season with an injury.

Louis Bien thinks Woodson can still play. I think he can probably play, somewhere. But at 37, with a recent injury history and rapidly declining skills, why would you sign him instead of a better, younger player? It's not like there aren't enough options.

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