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Martellus Bennett Free Agency Rumors: Bennett wants to play in New York and with his brother

Streeter Lecka

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a tight end, and Martellus Bennett appears to be the fan favorite in this free agency class. Bennett's a big, physical tight end and an outstanding blocker who has been inconsistent as a receiver. He seemed to take strides in that department last season, though, and he'd certainly be a massive improvement over the team's current crop of tight ends.

The question is: how likely is it that he will come to Tampa? And the answer to that question seems to be that it depends on Michael Bennett, Martellus's brother. Martellus appears ready to stay in New York, but they may not be able to afford him -- they don't have a lot of cap room. And if Martellus can't stay in New York, he wants to go where Michael goes.

This is simply another reason for the Bucs to re-sign Michael Bennett, as if they didn't have enough reasons already. Getting both Bennett brothers in Tampa would be a major coup, and it's certainly possible. With free agency not opening until the end of next month, the Bucs can use the coming weeks to re-sign Michael before focusing their efforts on Martellus.

Of course, that assumes they want to sign Martellus Bennett in the first place -- or even Michael Bennett. We'll have to wait and see on that.