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2013 All-Joe Team: Lavonte David makes it

Kevin C. Cox

Lavonte David may have missed out on the Pro Bowl and the All-Under-25-team, but he was named to the annual All-Joe team. That's the honor for the criminally underrated: the good players who have never made it to a Pro Bowl. And Lavonte David sure meets that requirement, because competing with pass rushers gives him no chance of getting there any time soon.

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It's good to see David receive at least some kind of reward for his outstanding season. At times he looked like the second coming of Derrick Brooks, and that deserves to be celebrated. With 20 tackles for loss, he was third in the NFL, and he was in the top five for total solo tackles in the NFL. Week after week he was the team's leading tackler, and he performed his duties admirably. David just needs to improve in coverage, and he'll be a standout player for years to come.

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